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Home and Away spoilers – Stevie’s stalker returns, Tane arrest fears and Levi ‘caught out’


Fans of both teams should anticipate a lot of drama next week.

How is baby Maia doing, Tane asks Dana? She informs him that although Maia has a fever, the physicians are able to treat it.

Even when she assures him otherwise, he becomes fixated on Maia’s illness. He shows up at the hospital against his better judgement.

Once more, Rose finds him there and reminds Tane—for the hundredth time—that he is not allowed to be at the hospital, that they are trying to find Maia a secure place to live, and that his presence is not beneficial to anyone.


Tane’s obstinacy has made the AVO’s menace tangible and present; it is no longer merely a threat. Tane pushes back, wondering how much of an impact they’ve really had on the case.

Dana quickly wheels Maia’s crib away after telling Tane that the doctor has to see her for a little while. Rose and her serjeant intervene to prevent his escape before anyone has a chance to blink. Tane is warned by Rose that he must accompany them immediately or she will have to take him into custody.

Returning to the police station, Rose goes over Tane’s new AVO in detail. She cautions him not to make things worse for himself because it’s obvious that she is unhappy about the situation he’s put himself in. When Roo finds out about Tane’s punishment, he runs to the station and demands that they end it immediately, but Rose won’t give up.

In a private conversation, Roo warns Tane that things are becoming serious and that he should avoid the hospital going forward, but Tane fights back. Why is he treated as a horrible guy if he isn’t one?


Theo sees Valerie become more and more dependent on the medications and reclusive around Lean and Justin. When Theo runs out of choices, he sets up a meeting with Kirby.

He tells her the truth, letting her know that he needs all the assistance he can get because he’s totally out of his league with Valerie. Kirby tells Theo that Valerie needs serious, expert care and that he has done everything he can, rather than becoming arrogant and saying, “I told you so.”

Kirby gives Theo a consoling hug right before Valerie enters the room to see the intimate exchange. Kirby quickly backs off, but it’s too late; Valerie turns to go, feeling deceived. With his head in his hands, Theo bows.

Valerie is devastated when Theo catches up with her and attempts to justify himself. He acknowledges that he informed Kirby about the accident and Valerie’s brother. Valerie rushes home, feeling deceived and unable to speak. Theo begs her to stay as she begins packing her belongings. Observing everything, Leah enters and diffuses the situation.


They go for a walk, and she tells Theo to relax. Valerie shares some of her personal information with Leah, including her worries about being a member of her family and wondering if there’s something wrong with her as she continues to struggle. Leah comforts Valerie, telling her that she would always be welcome in their home and that she is happy Valerie found Theo despite everything. Valerie seemed to finally settle after this.

Once more, Valerie runs across Theo and tells him she needs to know she can rely on him. Theo promises to stop at nothing to convince her of that. Valerie takes out two pills, one for her and one for him, from her pocket. to demonstrate their shared interest in this. Theo hesitates since he wasn’t prepared for this. In the end, though, he swallows the medicine to please her. Theo knows that this is a risky move, but he will stop at nothing to keep Valerie near.

As Cash and Eden are attempting to enjoy their limited alone time, Cash’s phone starts to ping. In order to monitor developments, he has set up notifications on Stevie’s social media accounts. Now, his suspicions have been validated when a photo of Stevie’s hotel’s outside was released.

Someone has discovered where she is. Stevie is getting more and more afraid, so she wants Cash back at the motel. After hearing this, Eden is forced to break up with her lover, even though it’s obvious that she’s not happy. Afterwards, when she returns home, Cash is waiting for her at the door with a beaming Stevie. Eden had no idea that Cash had consented to let her stay with them.

After Cash helps Stevie settle into his spare room, Eden approaches him and inquires as to whether having Stevie stay at his house is actually the finest (and safest) decision. Telling her that this was his decision and that these are unique circumstances, he pushes back. Stevie’s survival is in jeopardy.

Stevie heard everything that was said. She stuffs her suitcase and walks out the door, but Cash stops her before she can say anything. She tells Cash that he doesn’t have to save her and apologises. She does not want to put him and Eden through any problems.


Cash tries to soothe her, saying that things will work out. Ultimately, he wants her to be secure. All she needs to do now is allow him to defend her while doing his job. Cash is making every effort to make Stevie feel comfortable in his house. Cash comforts her, but she’s still a little uncomfortable, especially after seeing the conflict between him and Eden over her presence.

As Felicity gets ready for baby Maia’s fundraiser, she storms through the door in a fit of rage. She’s on the edge of ecstatic tears at seeing her idol in person when she sees Stevie and scares out.

After receiving a text from Eden, Cash gets up and goes outside to greet her. Cash is greeted by Eden in his front yard. He apologises for making her feel inferior to his unwavering pursuit of Stevie’s safety. She also apologises in return.

She feels as though she can comprehend Remi’s perspective, nevertheless, following their conversation. The two reconcile, but it’s obvious that there will always be some tension between Stevie and Eden.

Felicity and Xander are rushing to prepare for the fundraiser at Salt that evening. When they receive a call from the DJ they hired abruptly cancelling, things become complicated. When Xander phones Eden, she gladly offers to cover for Remi.

The last person Remi wants to see enters the room is Bree, who is all dolled up and trying her hardest to go through life without him. They haven’t even finished the first song’s opening when she shows up.

It’s full steam ahead on Salt’s charity night. Everybody in the Bay is dressed up and having a good time, with the exception of Bree, who is transfixed in her seat and starring at Remi.

She begins to tell herself that he is doing just fine without her. She considers showing him that she is the same if that is the case.

Bree fixes her gaze on Levi, who is speaking happily with his sister, oblivious to the unexpected events that are about to unfold. She approaches him smiling broadly, takes a seat away from the others, and then becomes quite flirtatious, laughing at his jokes and leaning in closer than is necessary.

Levi is uncomfortable and uneasy, putting down the beverages she keeps getting for him and attempting to get out of there as soon as he can.

This immediately becomes apparent to others, particularly when Bree gets very inebriated and tries to entice Levi to dance. Watching from behind the counter, Mackenzie shakes her head at the poor woman attempting to steal her boyfriend.

But as Bree had planned, Remi is the one who is most enraged by this—she’s virtually in a rage. From his position on the stage, he shoots Bree and Levi a death gaze; he’s not a moron; he knows that Bree is doing this just to spite him. a really mild blow. Eden tries to divert his attention, but he storms off, tired of seeing it.

Eden is having coffee the following day with a glum Remi, who is still upset over the whole situation. He accuses Levi of approaching Bree.

Eden, irritated, stands up for him, saying Levi would never act in such a way. Eden becomes sceptical as Remi continues to wonder why Levi did nothing to thwart Bree’s advances.

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