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Home and Away’s Mali drawn into Mac’s affair drama in 22 spoiler pictures


Mali Hudson is having a difficult time on Channel 5’s Home and Away the following week since everyone is asking him what Mackenzie Booth is hiding.

In other news, influencer Montana interferes with community service when Rose Delaney is on duty, and Roo Stewart and John Palmer become tough in their pursuit of information regarding the unidentified Surf Club donor.

Tuesday, April 9: A secret is shared by Valerie and Theo.
The previous evening, they shared narcotics.

Tuesday, April 9: Theo begins to lose control
He recommends finding some extra medication.


Tuesday, April 9: A strong warning from Valerie
She warns Theo to exercise caution because this isn’t a game.

April 9th, Tuesday: Theo assures you that he can manage it.
He even offers to purchase the upcoming batch of narcotics with the money he received from the latest Salt gig.

April 11th, Thursday: Felicity has doubts
Following a disagreement over Mali’s involvement with Levi, Mac threatened to have her removed from the house.

Thursday, April 11: Mali’s disagreement with Mac is questioned by Felicity.
She is in search of clarification.


Thursday, April 11th: Mali attempts to sidestep
Even though there is still unspoken animosity between them, he doesn’t want to divulge Mac’s secret.

April 11, Thursday: Eden converses with Mali
She is also aware that Mac is having problems. Given that Eden is Levi’s sister, this is far too personal.

Thursday, April 11: Mali downplays it once more
He values Mac’s self-assurance.

Thursday, April 11: Eden hears Mali’s justifications
Mali claims that Levi is merely carrying out his duties by seeing to Mac, a previous patient.


April 11, Thursday: John has doubts
The identity of the donor of the funds to the Surf Club remains a mystery.

April 11th, Thursday: John puts pressure on Roo
He says she gave up too quickly on the quest.

Friday, April 12: Mali irritates Rose.
She listens in on the last few words of his talk with Eden.

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