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Home and Away’s Bree Cameron to break sad death news


Bree Cameron of Home and Away reports on a family tragedy when she heads back to Summer Bay the following week.

When Bree admits to Remi Carter, her boyfriend, that she has been coping with her father’s tragic death and hasn’t asked for help, it surprises him.

In the Channel 5 episodes airing next week, Bree texts Remi to inform him that she has returned to the Bay following a period of time spent with her family.

Reluctantly, Bree left the Bay to spend time with her father following a serious accident that left him dependent on life support. She didn’t want to leave because she thought Remi needed her help too after his recent motorcycle accident.


Remi responds, informing Bree that he has left the hospital. He was released from the hospital a week earlier, but he didn’t tell her because he thought she would go home early.

When Bree visits Remi, she is incensed that no one has provided her with this crucial progress report on his recuperation. While apologising, Remi says that he thought Bree should be with her family instead of worrying about him.

When Bree finally catches up with Remi, she is devastated to reveal the whole truth—her father was seriously injured in the accident and eventually died as a result of his wounds.

Bree breaks down and says she felt obligated to repair everything herself, which is why she didn’t tell anyone sooner. Now that the pressure is getting to her, she feels like she’s crumbling.


When Bree most needs Remi, can he be there for her?

These scenes from Home and Away will air on Monday, April 8.

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