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Home and Away’s Mali and Rose left shocked by mysterious threat


Mali Hudson and Rose Delaney from the television show Home and Away will be left shaken by a menacing and anonymous threat in scenes scheduled to air this week in Australia.

According to TV Week, the couple starts the week off in awkward circumstances as Mali confessed his feelings for Rose but swiftly took them back, despite the fact that she would have said the same thing.

After Mackenzie Booth persuades Rose to express her feelings to Mali, the latter decides to organise a surprise supper at the Farmhouse. When they first meet, she blindfolds him.

However, when they get home they find the place utterly destroyed and a message written across the tablecloth that reads, “Stay away from my wife.”


Mali is taken to the police station by Rose, who immediately assumes that he has been cheating on her and has been exposed as a cheater, so she may confront him about her concerns. He is naturally incensed at any implication that he would cheat on Rose.

Mali says that he feels like problems always seem to come between the couple almost as soon as they get back on track in a conversation with Rose’s half-brother Xander.

Mali isn’t so convinced when Xander responds that Rose is a hothead who makes snap judgements and that he shouldn’t give up hope.
Who did the damage, and will Rose’s response ruin their relationship forever?

Rose’s actor, Kirsty Marillier, expressed her scepticism to the media, saying: “Rose needs someone she can trust. The unmistakable chemistry between these two, though, may become clear at some point.


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