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Home and Away spoilers: Kirby and Theo split, Andrew tortured and Cash discovery


As Cash makes an important discovery and Andrew is tortured by his captors, the drama on Home and Away reaches new heights.

Cash receives a reprimand at work for his error in judgement on Andrew’s case and is ready to inform Justin. Cash is persuaded that Vita Nova must be connected to Andrew’s abductor.

When Cash eventually reveals the news, Justin is devastated and accuses Cash of being to responsible.

Later, Cash reveals that the leader of Vita Nova, Margot Dafoe, is actually identified as ‘Esther’s.


When Cash informs Justin, Justin apologises for losing his cool and requests Cash’s assistance in finding Margot and Andrew.

Cash and Justin spend a lot of time looking, but they can’t seem to find Margot and Andrew.

When Rose says that the taskforce has located an address, Cash becomes irate because she won’t give it to him.

Margot gives Andrew advice on avoiding the temptations of the outer world at the Vita Nova facility.


Later, as Andrew is imprisoned in an uncomfortable cell, she torments him by blasting loud metal music.

Cash arrives at the compound with Justin after going rogue and getting the address for himself, where they confront Margot.

When Justin insists that Margot see Andrew, she agrees, shocking Justin.

Upon reuniting with the teen, Justin informs him that they have located his sister and implores him to accompany them.


But a brainwashed Andrew says that he is content with his situation and that he is staying put.

Theo accuses himself of creating the post that attracted Vita Nova when Justin updates him on the scenario involving Andrew the next day.

Theo enters Cash’s home while feeling guilty and takes a picture of the Vita Nova location.

When Justin learns of Felicity’s report of his odd behaviours, he steps in to prevent Theo from doing something foolish.

Theo acknowledges that they haven’t had a good relationship in a while when Justin notices that he isn’t returning Kirby’s calls.

Later, he contacts Kirby and requests a conversation.


After he ghosted her during the Battle of the Bands scout, tension between Kirby and Theo increases.

Things don’t go as planned when they meet up to chat, so the pair decides to spend the night apart.

Theo meets Kirby at work the following morning and suggests a longer break; however, a furious Kirby tells Theo not to worry with a break and declares that they have broken up forever.

After experiencing a breakup, Kirby confides in Rose and says she never imagined Theo would break up with her.

Later, after drinking Rose’s sorrows away, she snaps at Mali when he approaches the table.

In another scene, John confronts Marilyn for lying to Alf and demands an explanation.

Marilyn is made to feel even more exposed when Rose tells her that she hasn’t made any progress in identifying the offender.

She finally tells John what has been going on, but they are cut off when a brick with the phrase “No more interviews, or else” is hurled through Irene’s window.

Marilyn is still uneasy, so when she hears a noise in the night, she armies with a frypan, shocking Irene when she comes back.

Later, when Marilyn’s friends realise she would have a follow-up interview with a major newspaper regarding the Stunning Organics scandal, they are shocked.

They are unaware that someone is shooting them on the beach as Roo tells Marilyn she is proud of her.

Unaware of the conflict between Theo and Kirby, Remi organises an urgent band meeting across the Bay.

He admits to Bree that he hasn’t consulted the other band members about hiring a violinist to perform with them at the Battle of the Bands.

When Eden learns that it’s Mercedes DaSilva, a former lover of Lyrik, she loses it.

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