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Home And Away spoilers: A targeted attack rattles Mali and Rose


This week, when someone ransacks the Farmhouse, an alarming threat overshadows Rose’s huge proclamation of love. Who is the question?
Mali (Kyle Shilling) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) are on a shaky footing in Home And Away after he casually declared his love for her before swiftly retracting it. Although he meant what he said, Rose wished it would be more extravagant and passionate. She would have added it as well if it had been.

Rose, a policewoman, is encouraged to disclose her emotions after Mackenzie (Emily Weir) prods her. She skips work that evening and organises a surprise supper at the Farmhouse.
Rose meets Mali later and guides him home while blindfolding him. However, they are surprised to discover the house in ruins and her lighted meal on the floor when they get there.
The tablecloth has a threatening message written on it: “Stay away from my wife.”

Mali refuses to say he knows when Rose presses him for information. Rose goes to the police station and contacts Mali for questioning with her heart in a knot and a suspect to find.
He is furious—does she truly believe he would cheat?
“Rose needs someone she can trust,” Kirsty says to TV WEEK. The undeniable chemistry between these two, though, is something that may become clear with time.

Mali complains about how things keep getting in the way of them just when they seem to be back on track to Rose’s half-brother Xander (Luke Van Os) while Rose pursues a fresh lead in the case and occupies her thoughts.
Xander calls his brother a hothead who occasionally makes snap judgements and encourages him to hold onto optimism. Mali is beginning to believe that perhaps their relationship is fated to fail.


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