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Home and Away’s Lyrik stars – theatre careers, rival soap role and bartender job


This week on Home and Away, the band Lyrik arrives with a connection to Felicity – and an impromptu concert interrupts her steamy reunion with Tane.

Fans of Home and Away are about to meet four new characters who will derail Felicity’s steamy reunion with Tane.

The newcomers are members of the band Lyrik, who clearly have a connection to Felicity, as she tells Tane, who is shocked, that they are her city friends.

Tane leaves, and Felicity announces a pool party, with bass player Eden explaining that they’ve had a difficult year and need a break.


While the characters may have gotten their big break on the soap, fans will be curious about what the new cast members were up to before Home and Away.

The Lyrik stars’ lives have been very varied, with careers in the theatre, connections to co-stars, and even a bartending job.

Forsyth, Bob (Rob Mallett)

Rob has previously appeared in Winners & Losers and House Husbands.


The Tasmanian actor began his stage career as an Irish dancer before going on to study performing arts and appearing in the BBC docudrama Desert Rats during his final year of university.

However, music was clearly in his blood, as he was the lead vocalist in A Cole Porter Celebration for Sydney Philharmonia Choirs in 2013.

He went on to play Marius in Les Misérables before joining a production of Singin’ In The Rain.

Rob has also appeared in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Aladdin, and The Rise And Disguise Of Elizabeth R.


His biggest screen credit to date is Home and Away, having previously only had minor roles.

Rob and his wife, actress Chloe Zuel, will celebrate their three-year wedding anniversary in November.

He frequently shares adorable photos of the two of them together, including some from their 2019 wedding.

Fowler, Eden (Stephanie Panozzo)

Stephanie Panozzo plays bass player Eden, who had to audition over Zoom after testing positive for Covid, which made her fear she’d lost the role.

Eden is not only linked to Flick, but it was recently revealed that she is Cash’s high school sweetheart, which could complicate things for him and Jasmine.


Stephanie has worked on stage, TV, and film since graduating from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

She played Angela Petrides in Hyde & Seek, as well as Button Man, My Life Is Murder, and Godot’s Clinic.

Stephanie appears to be a big traveller, as her Instagram is full of beautiful photos from her travels around the world.

Remi Carter’s (Adam Rowland)

On Instagram, Adam Rowland announced his arrival in Summer Bay as Remi Carter.

The muscular actor also appeared in the recently cancelled Australian soap Neighbours, first as Sebastian Housler in 2018 and then as Oscar Russell in 2022.

According to his IMDB page, he’s also had a number of other screen roles and has a number of upcoming projects in the works.

Emmett Ellison actor JR Reyne commented on his Instagram post announcing his Home And Away casting, “Yeahhhhbrother!!!” a number of other co-stars also expressed their excitement for him.

However, it appears that acting has not been his sole source of income, as is common in the industry.

Adam previously worked behind the bar at the College Lawn Hotel.

In January, he revealed that he had left the job “with a heavy heart” after “five years of pouring beers, bantering with locals, breaking up fights, and babysitting drunks.”

Adam thanked his pub’s owners for their support while he “chased his dreams,” as well as his colleagues and regulars.

Aramoana, Kirby (Angelina Thomson)

Angelina Jolie’s character Kirby’s relationship with Lyrik’s lead singer Bob is strained, with her telling the Gold Coast Bulletin that “cracks will begin to show.”

In fact, Angelina and Theo actor Matt Evans were spotted filming together and holding hands, fueling speculation that Kirby may end up romancing Theo.

Angelina’s first on-screen appearance was in Wakefield in 2021, where she appeared as a dancer in one episode.

Angelina appears to be dating former Australia’s Got Talent contestant and Hi-5 member Lachlan Dearing.

Angelina is frequently seen on each other’s Instagram accounts, in between having fun in the sun with her fellow actor friends.

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