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Home and Away Spoilers – Cash’s secret revealed as Lyrik play Salt


Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is unimpressed to learn that she must persuade Mackenzie (Emily Weir) to hold a music night at Salt.

Flick is eager to put all of her efforts into turning Salt’s fortunes around now that she is officially the new co-owner of Summer Bay’s swankiest establishment, but Mac hasn’t been very receptive to her ideas so far.

They’ve already clashed over Flick’s plan to change the menu, with Flick believing that a relaunch was the only way to proceed. Mac insisted that they stick to what they know is profitable, but Flick pointed out that given the amount of debt Salt is in, it clearly hadn’t worked.

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) eventually told Mac that she needed to be the changed person she promised to be—Flick saved her skin, and Mac is a control freak. Mac apologised to Flick and reiterated that they were equal partners, realising he was correct.


Meanwhile, Flick received a surprise visit from her old city pals, Bob (Rob Mallett), Kirby (Angelina Thomson), Remi (Adam Rowland), and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), who form the band Lyrik, who literally rocked up outside her house.

Flick invited them to stay at her house while they rested from their travels, but she soon devised a better plan—she could have them play at Salt!

When we return next week, Mac has already left the house after meeting the band.

“I can’t believe you thought a bunch of couch-surfing, beer-for-breakfast bogans would set the right tone for Salt,” Mac scoffs as Flick accuses her of hypocrisy.


Mac is finally worn down when Flick explains that the band will do it for free and that they can use the opportunity to throw in a food and drink deal on the new menu, insisting that she can only do it for one night.

But, now that that one is out of the way, another appears. Bob, the band’s lead singer, begins to make his presence known in Summer Bay, turning his nose up at the diner as he immediately assumes he won’t get a ‘decent’ coffee until he has had his caffeine fix.

Marilyn (Emily Symons) and Roo (Georgie Parker) find Bob’s condescending attitude amusing, as Maz lists the organic, fairtrade, and dairy-free options available—no exploitation here!

The band is about to agree to Flick’s offer of free booze and food in exchange for playing the gig, given that she’s also putting them up at her house, when Bob walks back in and says no. Bob believes that now that they’ve moved past ‘backwater’ towns like Summer Bay, there will be no one of importance in the area who will appreciate their music.


Unaware of the drama, Mac and Dean are already at work promoting the band night, with Dean impressed with how his sister is embracing the idea, but Bob is enraged when he sees posters put up around the surf club, feeling forced into it.

It eventually comes down to a vote among the band members, though Eden and Remi aren’t optimistic because Kirby always sides with boyfriend Bob. However, there is surprise all around when Kirby votes against Bob taking the job because she believes they owe Flick because she helped them get to where they are now.

When the band arrives at Salt, Flick is relieved, but then panics—still there’s time for things to go wrong, and if they do, Mac will never trust her again. She calls her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) to make sure he’ll be there to help, worried that no one else will.

Flick’s concerns are quickly forgotten as the venue fills up. Mac and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) arrive dressed to the nines, with Ziggy bringing Dean a change of clothes so he doesn’t let the team down.

It’s crunch time as Lyrik kicks off the show, which seems to go over very well with the audience.

Meanwhile, Cash makes his way downstairs and is surprised to see Lyrik’s name on the flyer. Dean is taken aback, but Cash denies there is a problem and agrees to join him upstairs for a beer.


Remi notices Ziggy dancing the night away and hops off the stage briefly to join her with his guitar, as Dean keeps a close eye on them.

He sighs to Tane, “What is it with women and guitars?”

Cash, on the other hand, is clearly uneasy, pointing out to Flick that she didn’t tell him the band’s name was Lyrik.

As Cash tries to flee, he is spotted by Eden, who immediately calls out his name and leaps off the stage into his arms…

“Hello, stranger, it’s been a long time!” Eden expresses herself seductively.

Cash is at a loss for where to look because there is clearly some history between him and his sister’s old friend….

Meanwhile, Chloe (Sam Barrett) is continuing to work two jobs and burn the candle at both ends.

Chloe’s boyfriend Theo (Matt Evans) has already fallen asleep on the sofa when she arrives to spend the night after working a full day at both the diner’s coffee cart and the gym. Exhausted, Chloe sleeps through her alarm the next morning, forcing Marilyn to work while Irene (Lynne McGranger) searches for her.

Later, an apologetic Chloe appears, but when Irene suggests that she not take on so many shifts, Chloe finally cracks. Chloe announces her resignation by reattaching her apron.

Marilyn approaches Chloe, who is already embarrassed about her exit. She admits that she doesn’t want to disappoint anyone, especially Leah after everything she’s done for her recently. Chloe returns to the diner and apologises, but she struggles throughout the day, especially after receiving a message informing her that she has messed up the gym’s payrolls.

Leah is concerned about Chloe and disappointed that she refuses to admit how much she is struggling. Justin (James Stewart) observes that it must be awkward for Chloe to put on a brave face for Leah now that she is a member of the family.

Irene and Leah, feeling they have no other choice, sit down with Chloe and gently explain that they are letting her go… but how will Chloe react?

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