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Home and Away confirms who attacked Felicity Newman in emotional scenes


Next week in the UK, Felicity Newman from Home and Away will confront her assailant in tense circumstances.

Felicity uses his own demands for blackmail against the man who has been torturing her, and she is able to catch him.

Felicity’s drink was tampered with last month when she was supporting Lyrik in the Battle of the Bands tournament. She was abused sexually by an unidentified male, who later threatened to expose the film of her trauma unless she paid him.

Tane Parata, Felicity’s husband, finds out in next week’s scenes on Channel 5 that she borrowed money from her brother Cash on false pretences. Felicity assures the blackmailer that he will receive his money and plans to use the funds to settle the blackmailer’s debt.


Tane informs Felicity that it won’t be long until the concerned party poses yet another threat. It turns out to be true when the man asks for an additional $20,000.

When Felicity reaches her breaking point, she discreetly bargains with the blackmailer and deposits a bag of cash in a far-off garbage.

And Felicity looks on from a distance to see who shows up. When Jeremy, a male, shows up on the scene and takes the bag, Felicity seizes the chance to stealthily snap multiple photos of him with his vehicle licence plates.

Tane is concerned about Felicity in the meantime after learning that she has vanished and left an odd note behind.


Tane disobeys Felicity’s intentions to keep the blackmail a secret by telling Cash about it.

When the two find Felicity, she is experiencing conflicting emotions following her encounter with her assailant and her eventual successful acquisition of evidence against him.

Next, Rose Delaney is assigned to the case. Equipped with sufficient evidence to identify the culprit, she proceeds to apprehend Jeremy.

After Rose escorts Jeremy into the police station, Felicity confronts him in the lobby of the building, causing him to become distraught.


Cash conducts Jeremy’s formal police interrogation and takes Jeremy’s phone as proof.

The device has a distressing photo of Felicity unconscious and text messages that appear to be implicating her.

After a closer look at the phone, Rose informs us that Felicity wasn’t Jeremy’s only victim. Although it appears like Jeremy will face police charges, will Cash be able to conduct himself professionally throughout the interview?

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