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Home and Away’s Emily Weir reunites with former co-star Tim Franklin


Mac and Colby together again.

Emily Weir, a star of Home and Away, reconnected with Tim Franklin, a previous co-star, for a number of photos on the red carpet.

Weir, whose on-screen character Mackenzie Booth is still present, posted the adorable photos of Franklin, who from 2018 to 2020 portrayed Colby Thorne, on Instagram.

The two attended the premiere of The Last King of the Cross, a Paramount+ miniseries in which Franklin plays a police officer.


Weir looks up at her former co-star as they pose side by side in the carousel of photos, and in the final image, the show’s director Ian Watson joins them.

Franklin, whose character Colby was a police officer, also shared the images on Instagram while making fun of the fact that he kept getting cast in the same role.

He captioned his post, “The Last King of the Cross – check it out on Paramount Plus I play a cop again #typecast.”

Fans immediately expressed their wish for Weir and Franklin’s characters Mackenzie and Colby to reunit on-screen after learning that their Home and Away characters had an on-again, off-again romance.


One enthusiastic supporter said, “We need Colby back!!! Mac and Colby were fantastic together!!!!”

Weir revealed to Who Magazine last year that she struggled with alcohol addiction and that she used alcohol to treat her anxieties.

She said, “I was using red wine as self-medication, but I was pretty good at hiding it all.”

“Like most people in their early 20s, I chose to disregard the situation because I wanted to travel and party with my pals. At that point, I started drinking more since it helped me deal with my anxiousness and all of my anxieties vanished. But I started to depend on alcohol.”


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