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Neighbours Spoilers – Terese sees red as Estelle and Paul kiss!


Paul’s strategy to get close to Terese’s mother backfires when Estelle kisses him on Neighbours in the UK, but is this too far for Paul?

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, June 6th, and in Australia on Tuesday, June 28th.

Estelle (Maria Mercedes) and her “hell raiser” daughter Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) have been estranged for years, but Estelle unexpectedly appeared in Erinsborough this week, stating she wanted to assist Terese with her painful divorce.

Terese learned that Estelle had just been left homeless when she called her brother Nick, and her sudden appearance made a lot more sense.


Terese was worried, but Estelle told her that she merely wanted to reconnect after decades apart – despite the fact that they hadn’t spoken since Terese and Brad’s divorce, or since their son Josh died in 2016.

Terese agreed to let Estelle stay after some soul-searching, and she moved into one of the growing number of vacant rooms in No. 22.

Terese, on the other hand, was taken aback when she saw Estelle and Paul (Stefan Dennis) sharing a drink at The Waterhole. Terese was furious because her mother and soon-to-be ex-husband getting cosy was not high on her list of aspirations.

Estelle reassured her that she was getting close to Paul solely for the purpose of gathering information that would aid Terese in obtaining a favourable divorce settlement — the more she could learn about Paul, the better.


In the coming weeks, it will become evident that Estelle isn’t only using Paul to help Terese; she has her own agenda.

Terese takes Estelle to Josh’s memorial plaque at the conclusion of the week, and the two share a nice moment. It appears like their tense relationship may be coming to an end.

Estelle realises she needs to stop seeing Paul after visiting the memorial, and she tells him she’s done with him.

However, he tempts her with a beautiful bracelet, and her greed gets the better of her, and she returns to the dark side and visits Paul after yet another quarrel with Terese.


Paul continues to push a gap between the mother and daughter next week, with Estelle firmly in his camp.

Terese sees Estelle’s pricey jewellery, and it doesn’t take long for her to discover that her mother is still seeing Paul.

Terese, enraged and disillusioned yet again, wants her mother to leave.

Estelle suddenly finds herself without money or a place to live… But this only draws her closer to Paul, who can provide her with both…

Estelle is overjoyed when Paul offers her a complimentary suite at Lassiters.

She gives him a kiss as a thank you and makes it plain that she is romantically interested in him.


Paul is taken aback. He intended to rile Terese up with Estelle, but he didn’t expect her to fall for him!

He is concerned about her amorous desires. When he realises he can’t reach Terese through her mother any longer, he abruptly releases her.

Estelle is now again homeless and without a roof over her head, and she has wrecked her relationship with her daughter.

Estelle is once again obliged to ask her daughter’s pardon. Terese, on the other hand, must defend herself, and she refuses to let Estelle off the hook this time.

Terese will not allow herself to be hurt again until Estelle can show that she has truly changed… She also dismisses her mother.

Is Estelle ever going to be able to acquire Terese’s trust? Just a little longer… In the next weeks, things are only going to grow worse.

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