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Home and Away spoilers: Does Kirby want to marry Theo?


Prior to Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and Tane’s (Ethan Browne) wedding, Kirby (Angelina Thomson) and Theo (Matt Evans) realise they are travelling to the same location for the hen and bucks’ evenings.

The women were originally scheduled to join a karaoke bus, but Felicity adjusted the itinerary at the last minute so they would be at the same club as the men. Theo and Kirby are excited to spend the night together, but as soon as Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) begins giving his best man speech, the atmosphere between the couple shifts.

Is this the right idea? (Picture: Endemol Shine)

Nikau names a few people that won’t be at the wedding, which is an emotional occasion. Nothing matters more than family, and Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) and Mikaere would both be extremely proud of Tane. Theo is astonished to see Kirby cry, as Nikau is unable to hold back her tears. Then, his girlfriend says that she will be a complete wreck during her wedding. Theo quiets down as Kirby grinned, thinking about her future.

Theo is still reserved when they arrive home later that evening and excuses himself to retire to bed early. Even though Kirby is aware he has the day off, he tells her he must leave for work in the morning. Kirby is certain Theo is concealing something, but she is unsure of what. She is not persuaded by his justification for entering. As Theo begins working in the garage, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) arrives carrying coffee and searching for Justin (James Stewart).


Theo asks Leah why she doesn’t want to marry Justin after realising he has an opportunity to speak to someone who might understand. Leah is absolutely surprised because she didn’t think Theo would be thinking about this topic of conversation. She claimed that she didn’t want to marry anyone, not even Justin.

She starts to wonder whether Theo is inquiring about marriage because he wants to propose to Kirby, which raises red flags for her.

Has Kirby got the right idea? (Picture: Endemol Shine)

Leah shares the information with Justin when he arrives at the garage. They are both concerned by the development and wonder aloud whether Theo is thinking about moving forward with Kirby.

They’ve only been dating for a short while! They decide to face Theo, but he says it’s actually the other way around. He doesn’t think he’ll ever want to get married, but Kirby definitely does after last night.


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