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Home and Away confirms cancer storyline for Summer Bay newcomer


Gabe gets the bad news during a routine check.

A cancer plot for Summer Bay newcomer Gabriel Miller has been confirmed by Home and Away.

Akos Armont’s portrayal of the persona first appeared in the bay last month when he was presented as Mackenzie Booth’s ex-fiance.

Since then, he has attempted to win back her love, but upcoming Australian television scenes will see him dealing with a health issue.


After hitting his head with a surfboard, Gabe goes to the hospital to get checked out for a concussion, but the tests turn up something much worse.

He reveals to Dr. Bree Cameron that he had received non-Hodgkin lymphoma treatment before coming to Summer Bay, and that he had believed he was in remission.

Bree, who is portrayed by Juliet Goodwin in the soap opera, expressed her amazement at the shocking news to TV Week, saying: “Bree is extremely sad for Gabe because, as a doctor, she is fully aware of the difficulties a battle with cancer holds. She encourages Gabriel to get in touch with his family members so he can receive the help he needs.

Theo Poulos is struggling to deal with the darker side of fame elsewhere on the soap after a fan starts stalking him. The plot has special meaning for actor Matt Evans, who has periodically had trouble adjusting to the increased spotlight.


He said, “I had to find my way around what this new thing was since it was such a foreign emotion.” “You know what, I’ve been here,” I thought as soon as I read the plot.

Sure, I’ve never had a stalker, but I’ve unquestionably encountered the fan culture, he said. Because they had so many accounts and constantly emailing my friends and other people, I had to block one person online.

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