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Home and Away’s Eden Fowler to be drawn into Levi’s marriage breakdown


When Levi eventually comes clean about his affair the following week, Eden Fowler of Home and Away leaves quickly to console her sister-in-law Imogen.

After Levi makes the painful decision to dissolve his marriage, Eden assumes responsibility for providing Imogen with support.

For weeks, Levi has been flirting with Imogen while secretly promising to stick with Mackenzie Booth, his boyfriend.

Levi ultimately decides to bite the bullet and goes home the following week to tell Imogen about his affair.


Levi makes it obvious that he plans to leave Imogen because he loves someone else, which infuriates and breaks Imogen’s heart.

After questioning her unfaithful husband nonstop about his betrayal, she eventually loses patience and tells him to pack his bags and leave.

Levi is reluctant to part from Imogen in such a sentimental state, but she lets him know that he is no longer welcome in their married house.

When Levi comes back to the farmhouse and verifies that the transaction is completed, Mackenzie is relieved. Even though Mac is happy that they can finally be together, it’s painful to witness a marriage fail in this way.


Later, Imogen calls Eden, who is upset and furious over Levi’s admissions.

Imogen points out that Levi had used Eden as a front for him on several occasions. Eden emphasizes that she hasn’t known the truth for very long, but she still believes that Eden had a big hand in tricking her.

Eden makes her allegiances plain by physically showing up at Imogen’s place. After what her brother done, she acknowledges that she would be content to never see him again.

Eden also provides Imogen with all the information she requires, clarifying that Levi’s other partner is Mackenzie, the owner of Salt. She continues by saying that because of Mackenzie’s actions, they are no longer friends.


Later on, a weak Imogen holds onto the hope that Levi will be able to win her back. Eden tells her that she would be better off without Levi and dissuades her from following this path.

When Eden gets back to the Bay, she tells Levi to stop giving Imogen false hope and to leave her alone going forward. Will Levi pay attention?

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