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Home and Away spoilers: Tane will finally learn if he’ll be found guilty


In Home and Away, Tane’s moment has finally arrived to find out what will happen to him in the case that has been engulfing Summer Bay and the audience for weeks.

The personal trainer will now find out the court’s decision after being prosecuted for taking infant Maia and fleeing. Additionally, Tane (Ethan Browne) is aware that his chances aren’t good.

As Ethan, 32, puts it to TV WEEK, “I think he’s accepted his fate.” “He’s psychologically bracing himself for the worst, realizing his error and the potential for severe prison time.

“He thinks everything doesn’t work in his favor and knows how the system operates.”


Tane’s prospects are further worsened when he is asked to testify before the verdict is rendered. Tane’s lawyer Marshall (Nic English) forces him to air all of his dirty laundry with his ex-wife Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) in a cold-blooded manner.

Ethan remarks, “He’s not happy about it at all.” “He believes Marshall and Felicity made a dirty move by disclosing their personal information to him.”

Tane’s relationship with Harper (Jessica Redmayne), with whom Ethan suggests something more may be “naturally developing” after she makes a risky move when asked to testify in the trial, is the sole bright spot in the entire event.

“He leans in towards the friendship because Harper provides him with comfort and support, which helps him deal with the situation,” Ethan explains.


Will the intimate pals develop into something more? Or will they be separated by the chilly jail bars?

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