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Home and Away Spoilers – Cash races to take down Stevie’s stalker


As Stevie makes her first public appearance in months next week on Home and Away in the UK, Cash’s worst fears are realized when her stalker attacks.

Despite being fired from his job as a personal bodyguard by Stevie (Catherine Van-Davies) last week, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) remains on high alert.

Initially, Cash was hired by well-known horror actress Stevie to protect her when a stalker broke into her house and took images of her as she slept. Stevie was especially nervous because Crystal (Sheridan Harbridge), her co-star in the most recent film Death Throes and best friend, had passed away under suspicious circumstances.

When Cash noticed four numerals on screen, he realized there was a connection to the film. Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) informed him that these numbers represented the exact moment the fictitious killer was supposed to attack.


The backs of the pictures that Stevie’s stalker had sent her had the same four numbers scrawled on them.

So when it was announced last week that Crystal’s death was accidental, Stevie was crushed. Having come to the realization that the police would not consider her case, she regretfully let go of Cash and declared her intention to get on with her life.

Cash has a meeting with his superiors at the security company the next week. They acknowledge that the starlet poses a serious threat, but they are unable to stop it if she decides not to rehire Cash.

Cash is shocked to discover that Stevie is live-streaming from a media event announcing the casting of her new romantic comedy film, All Our Tomorrows, along with a Q&A. Cash still has notifications set up for Stevie’s social media accounts.


Cash questions how Stevie, who has made threats against her life, could be so foolish as she provides everyone with her location details.

“Cash is aware that Stevie is in real and growing danger,” Nicholas Cartwright stated to TV Week, an Australian magazine. “Cash can’t shut off the part of himself that worries about her safety just because Stevie fired him.”

Stevie is taken aback when Cash shows up to the function, given that he is no longer employed by her. When he inquires as to whether she’s attempting to harm herself, Stevie brushes him off and introduces Cash to co-star Troy (Samuel Stevenson) and director Nelson (Mahesh Jadu).

Cash notes that there is no security and that anyone could enter if he could, but the event is about to start. Cash is allowed to stay, but Stevie reminds him that he is not employed.


Nicholas went on, “He sees that Stevie has put herself in a dangerous position.” “Stalkers could easily approach the event because no one is monitoring the fans who are there.”

After Crystal passed away, Stevie got very emotional and spoke about doing new things and stepping out because she realized life was too short to not follow her ambitions. Cash is observing the people in the room closely, but he finds himself struck by Stevie’s remarks.

Later, Cash grudgingly congratulates her on the role and acknowledges that he has finally come to appreciate her point of view.

Reminding Cash that she is only where she is now because of them, Stevie is eager to see the sizable number of fans that have gathered outside.

Stevie is adamant that she will just be there for a few minutes, but Cash is uneasy and remarks that it appears to be quite dangerous.

While Stevie signs autographs and poses for photos with her followers, many of whom are sporting Death Throes t-shirts, Cash stands guard.


Sidney (Joshua McElroy), a particularly enthusiastic fan, pushes his way forward toward the back of the audience and asks Stevie to repeat her movie’s slogan.

Stevie is more than willing to comply. “It’s time to wrap this up,” she chuckles.

In an attempt to harm Stevie, Sidney abruptly lunges forward at that precise time!

Since Cash’s instincts warned him that something wasn’t right, he moves quickly to remove Stevie before she is hurt.

Stevie phones the police while Sidney takes off with Cash following closely behind and hides in an underground parking garage.

Nicholas continues, “Cash has no idea what the stalker is capable of.” Thus, he seizes the chance to neutralize the threat.

As the parking lot shutter closes, Cash snags his action movie moment by rolling beneath it and trapping Stevie’s stalker.

A tense few seconds pass as Cash moves carefully through the parking lot and Sidney suddenly lunges in for an attack.

Sidney yells that Stevie is “The last on my list!” as Cash detains him after Sidney disarms him due to Cash’s fast thinking.

He tells Cash that it’s not over as he’s being brought away by the police.

Cash was correct all along, and Stevie is very grateful for him. Cash reassures her that she is safe now that Sidney is in lockup.

Is Stevie’s suffering now concluded? That would be a long shot, considering that it is Summer Bay after all.

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