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Home and Away’s Dean Thompson is blaming himself after Colby Thorne murder scene takes a huge twist


Did he give the wrong kind of advice?

Dean Thompson of Home and Away learns he might be to blame for Colby Thorne’s second murder on UK television next week.

After Colby’s shock attack in jail, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) paid a last visit to him in the hospital, urging him to drop the good guy act and do whatever it takes to stay alive.

Dean is surprised to see Colby (Tim Franklin) taking this advice so seriously in upcoming episodes on Channel 5.


Colby has stabbed one of the other prisoners at the prison, according to the front-page headline in the local newspaper.

Colby made this startling move in order to prevent someone else from targeting him.
Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller), Colby’s niece, is having difficulty handling the news of his latest assault. She is aware that Colby was bullied at the jail, but she is adamant that there was a better way to approach the situation.

Despite Bella’s urge to support Colby, Dean urges her to get on with her life because there is nothing she can do for him right now.

Later, Dean tells Bella about the advice he gave Colby, which seems to have inspired his heinous act of violence.


What would Bella’s reaction be to Dean’s presence?

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