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Home And Away’s newcomer Mia is creating a major threat between the story of Ari and Mackenzie

“Ari’s presence reawakens memories he thought he’d buried,” says Ari.

In Home And Away, Ari and Mac are in the middle of a blissful relationship.

The next day, their happier days are a distant memory now that his ex-girlfriend, Mia, has moved to the Bay Area.

When Mac (Emily Weir) sees Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) and Mia (Anna Samson) having a heated conversation, she is worried.

Is Mac losing her man?

Mac and Ari have struggled to be together since Mia turned up searching for her daughter Chloe (Sam Barrett), who is also Ari’s stepdaughter.

Ari and Mia, on the other hand, are spending a lot of time together. Ari invites Mia to breakfast this week after a morning at the beach, which leads to an invitation to a Parata family barbeque.

“Ari says he had buried memories, but her [Mia’s] presence reawakens them, as Rob describes.

Mia unwittingly shares the specifics of the case with a shocked Mac as she stops by Salt to get some beer for the thirsty people at the barbeque.

Where’s her invitation to the Parata barbeque? Isn’t she really Ari’s girlfriend?

Ari’s brother Tane (Ethan Browne) asks him about Mac’s whereabouts at the barbeque. Mia is still perplexed as to why she isn’t there.

Anna tells TV WEEK, “Mia hopes she doesn’t mess with Ari’s new life or relationship.”
“She has no negative feelings about Mac, despite the fact that this is rare for her.”


Ari and Mia continue their talk on the side of the house in private.

They have no idea that Mac, who has arrived at the barbeque to settle things with Ari, has captured the two ex-lovers sharing a private moment.

She makes the decision to leave the scene before anyone acknowledges her presence.
What were Ari and Mia discussing? What does this mean for Mac and Ari?

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