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Home and Away’s Christian Green devastates Tori Morgan with new decision


Christian Green of Home and Away is about to break Tori Morgan’s heart by announcing that he’s moving out of their shared home.

After Christian’s rash choice to go skydiving on the day he was supposed to pick up his wedding suit, the distance between the couple will be too difficult to ignore in scenes set to air this week in Australia and in July in the UK.

The act was one of several by the doctor, whose attitude on life has changed dramatically since being nearly killed by Lewis Hayes in recent weeks.

Christian (Ditch Davey) decided to postpone his and Tori’s wedding after convincing himself that he’d survived the attack in order to save newbie Rachel Young (Marny Kennedy), who’d been in an accident at the centre.


Christian telling Rachel that he has a profound connection with her and then tells her that her jealousy over their closeness has left him with little choice but to pack his belongings and find a place of his own for a while, it appears as if the knocks will simply keep on coming for Tori.

In a new interview with TV Week, Kennedy revealed, “Christian comes along like a ray of light.” “They become closer as a result of their common experience of confronting their own mortality.”

“I think it’s quite evident what brings these two together,” Kennedy remarked, “but it’s hard for a lot of people, like Tori and even Jasmine, to comprehend.” “And that is their gratitude for the fact that they are alive.”

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