Sunday, May 28, 2023

Home and Away’s Justin Morgan to suffer another shock collapse

Justin Morgan of Home and Away is expected to have another dramatic fall in an upcoming episode as he battles his painkiller addiction.

The character will be seen buying narcotics online in scenes slated to air this week in Australia and in July in the UK, despite the fact that the batch he buys is suspect.

To the rest of the world, Justin (James Stewart) appears to be putting his life back on track after his surfing disaster. He reassures Leah (Ada Nicodemou) that he’s on the mend by informing her that he’s found a new doctor who is supporting him in quitting smoking.

He’s lying, though, because as soon as Leah walks out of the garage, he gets the shivers and takes a pill from his depleting supply.

“Things are clearly getting a little too much for Justin,” James told TV Week recently. “He’ll make up any excuse to act like a victim and receive medicines.”

When Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) shows up at Justin’s office, appealing with him to reinstate her job following her shocking firing, she almost accidentally witnesses him ordering drugs over the internet. To divert her attention, he informs her that she has been sacked because she made a professional blunder, which leaves her feeling down.

His new medications arrive later in the mail, and he doesn’t waste any time in getting them. He’s not content, so he takes more… and more… until Leah finds him passed out in the garage. Is he going to be okay?

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