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Home and Away’s Bree and Remi begin a secret affair


Bree and Remi succumbed to temptation in the most recent Australian episode of Home and Away, and the following week they begin a serious relationship. Do they have a serious error on their hands?

After avoiding their love for several weeks, Bree and Remi have recently admitted to their feelings and slept together in front of Australian Home and Away viewers.

Lyrik prepared for their upcoming show at Salt in tonight’s triple bill of Australian episodes, but unlike their previous shows, which went down without a hitch, this one included quite a few surprises.

Bree (Juliet Godwin), Summer Bay’s newest doctor, was looking forward to a night of freedom after Remi (Adam Rowland) asked her along. She was relieved that her abusive and domineering husband Jacob (Alex Williams) had returned to his job as a mechanic in the mines in Western Australia.


While Bree hasn’t made up her mind about leaving her husband, she was happy to see him go back to work and offer her a few months of independence while buying her some time.

Bree spent an hour at her motel getting ready for the gig—doing her hair and cosmetics and selecting a lovely pink dress—all in an effort to please Remi.

But when she realised she had spent an hour getting ready for a man who wasn’t her spouse, panic gradually overcame her. She’s always told Remi that she simply views him as a friend, but it’s grown more and more obvious that she has feelings for him.

Bree decided against going to Salt after feeling bad. She didn’t miss much, though, as Lyrik’s performance was cut short when Kirby (Angelina Thomson) consented to allow Bob (Rob Mallet) sing with them on one song.


Before moving to Summer Bay, Bob served as the band’s lead singer. However, he departed the group and the area soon after because he disagreed with their choice to play regular shows in the “hick town.”

He just recently made a comeback, and it was reported that since leaving the band, he has struggled financially.

The purpose of the one-time performance was to launch Bob’s solo career. However, Kirby omitted to clarify that Bob would only be joining them for one song in her voicemail to Theo (Matt Evans), leading Theo to believe he was being replaced as the frontman of the Bang.

He chose to stay home instead of performing, which led the other members of Lyrik to cancel.


Even though the gig may not have happened, Remi was alarmed when Bree failed to show up at Salt. His worries about Bree back at her motel and the possibility that Jacob had visited Summer Bay sent his mind into overdrive.

He hurried over to her house and discovered her there, alone but terrified. Bree admitted that she felt awful about spending so much time getting ready for him, but it didn’t stop her from opening the door for her.

Remi admitted to Bree that he harbours similar feelings for her despite knowing that nothing will ever happen. “Perhaps in a previous existence.”

But before they could exchange passionate kisses, Bree came over and hugged him.

A little later, after giving in to temptation and sharing a bed, the two of them were lying next to each other when we next saw them.

A few hours later, when Remi returned to the Lyrik residence, Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) quickly guessed what he had been up to. She was startled that Remi had spent the night with Bree and cautioned him that it wasn’t his style to have an affair with a married lady, but his only response was to say that perhaps he is now that person.


Jacob is already securely in Western Australia, therefore it appears that Bree and Remi will carry on their new relationship the next week.

Bree and Remi are said to be “bathing in their love bubble” according to spoilers for the upcoming week, but “Eden breaks Remi’s love bubble,” so the honeymoon phase might not continue for long.

Following Thursday’s finale, a new trailer revealed that Eden is upset about her closest friend starting an affair with a married woman and she tells both parties what she thinks.

She reprimands Remi for acting as though this is some sort of love story. “It isn’t. It’s a relationship and it’s risky.

She begs him to stop and says, “Why are you doing it?”

Remi’s reaction comes as Eden realises the depth of his emotions: “I can’t help it.”

She says, shocked, “You’re falling in love with her.”

It makes sense that Bree has her own worries.

While Remi reassures her that “you’re secure here with me,” we get a clip of her seeming distressed as she wonders what would happen “if someone else finds out.”

However, the promo also features Bree being serenaded by Remi, her face beaming broadly as he displays his guitar prowess. It seems unlikely that she will be able to end things quickly.

What is the strategy here, then? Eden queries Remi. “When the hubby returns. What response do you anticipate from him when he learns that you are having an affair with his wife?

“This will not result in anything positive.”

Eden also makes an effort to persuade Bree that she ought to put a stop to the situation.

She finds Bree along the beach and asks, “How does this end?” I don’t see a happily ever after here, for that reason.

Bree’s expression of amazement indicates that she is aware Eden is telling the truth.

There will undoubtedly be fireworks in the coming weeks because Bree is still wed to her abusive husband Jacob and no one is quite sure when he’ll return.

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