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Home and Away confirms popular character’s fate after shooting


There are spoilers for the Australian episode of Home and Away from this past Wednesday, August 10, which some UK viewers may want to avoid.

Cash Newman from Home and Away appears to be recovering from the shocking shooting drama of the show.

Cash was shot following a police operation to deal with Tex Wheeler’s biker gang, according to a major plotline airing this week in Australia.

The gang was initially presented as fresh bad guys troubling the Parata household. Gunshots were fired during an out-of-control sting operation to bring them down, seriously injuring Cash.


Following his heart arrest in his hospital bed, Cash’s future was still in limbo in Wednesday’s episode of Channel 7 in Australia.

As soon as they discovered Cash had an internal bleed, they rushed him back into surgery.

Given that his previous procedure had only been hours prior, this created hazards.

As Cash’s loved ones awaited the news, emotions ran high. Felicity, his sister, was enraged by Rose Delaney’s role in the botched police operation because Cash had entered the fray without a bulletproof vest.


Fortunately, Bree Cameron, the new doctor in Summer Bay, was able to report that Cash’s bleed had stopped and he was once more stable.

Despite being placed into an artificial coma, Cash was predicted to fully recover.

Felicity promised to stick at Cash’s side until he feels well enough to be released from the hospital after apologising to Rose for snapping at her.

In September, Channel 5 will air these moments for Home and Away viewers in the UK.


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