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Home and Away’s Sofia Nolan’s real life, Irish connection and landing Heather Frazer role


To find her real mother and wreak revenge as Sofia Nolan becomes the newest bad guy in Summer Bay, the enigmatic persona suddenly materialised.

There’s a new baddie in town, and she arrived with a mission in mind: to track down her birth mother and exact revenge on her.

Heather Frazer, the most recent enigmatic figure, arrived in Summer Bay and settled down after telling Roo Stewart about her “life’s narrative.”

However, everything isn’t what it seems when Sofia Nolan’s superb acting reveals her true motives.


From where is Sofia?
Sofia primarily utilises her social media for work, therefore little is known about her personal life.

The Australian soap opera star, who hails from Newscastle in New South Wales, made her acting debut in 2017.

In that year, she made two television appearances, Annabelle appeared in two episodes of Kiki and Kitty, and Lulu was a role she played in Drop Dead Weird till 2019.

Drop Dead Weird was actually a co-production between Ireland and Australia, therefore it had a tie to Ireland.


It chronicled the exploits of an Australian family that relocated to Ireland to manage their B&B in a far-flung beach community.

What roles has Sofia had?
She has made appearances in numerous various projects since she began acting, including the television programmes RFDS and Preppers. Another programme she is working on is titled Last Days of the Space Age.

Sofia has also appeared in a minor role in the 2021 Hollywood film Godzilla vs. Kong under the character name “Mean Girl.”

A-list actors Alexander Skarsgard and Millie Bobby Brown appeared in the movie.


In “Home and Away,” who does Sofia portray?
Marilyn Chambers’ long-lost daughter, Heather Frazer, is portrayed by Sofia.

When Marilyn was younger, she worked as a domestic for a wealthy couple and, after having an affair, fell pregnant with the husband’s child.

Later, she was forced to give up her daughter and banished.

Heather arrives in Summer Bay with a made-up past that closely mimics that of her birth mother. The visitor becomes involved in Marilyn’s life as she seeks retribution.

How did Sofia obtain the position?
Before getting the position, Sofia acknowledged that she didn’t know anything about Home and Away.

However, she stated that for any Australian actor, appearing on the serial opera is a “wish list” part.


Through her agency, she received the audition, and two weeks later, she was offered the part.

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