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Home and Away’s Ada Nicodemou shares epic throwback snap with Chris Hemsworth: ‘The golden years’


Over the years, Home and Away has produced a number of well-known Hollywood stars, including Guy Pearce, the late Heath Ledger, and Isla Fisher. However, none are as memorable (or well-known) as the attractive Chris Hemsworth, who portrayed Kim Hyde from 2004 to 2007. Ada Nicodemou, who portrays Leah Patterson Baker in the venerable Australian soap opera, posted a flashback shot of herself and her co-stars from the show’s early years, bringing the show’s devoted audience back in time.

“The ultimate #HomeandAway #ThrowbackThursday,” Ada annotated the picture. “Who remembers all their character names?”

Along with Ada and Chris, the picture also features Isabelle Lucas (Tasha), Jason Smith (Robbie), Richard Price (Dylan), and Laurie Foell (Josie/Angie). This is a fun fact about H+A that a lot of Ada’s fans caught. Fans not only remembered the various characters from that era of the soap opera, but they also cherished the memories.

“The golden years,” a supporter said.


“I miss these days, I was a kid back then so everything was simpler,” another said.

Another said, “When Home and Away was the best.”

Another person commented, “The good old days with the good story lines and they let couples be happy for a little bit longer than they do now.”

Fans of Home and Away criticise the wedding’s missing aspects for Leah and Justin.
This week, viewers of the soap opera were likewise thrilled to see Ada’s character, Leah, tie the knot with her beau Justin (James Stewart) in the most eagerly awaited TV wedding of the year, marking her fourth marriage.


While fans were thrilled that the couple was finally being married after several crazy plots involving a cult and a kidnapping, they were also disappointed that more of the cast was not present for the wedding.

“It was a beautiful wedding, just wish they had more of the cast attend the wedding than all the extras we have never seen,” a person commented.

“Many of the main characters were missing from the wedding, including Bree, Levi, Mac, Flick, Tane, and the two sisters,” another fan said.

“What a lovely wedding! “Where were Mac, Flick, and Cash?” inquired another person.


We can’t help but wish Kim, Tasha, and Robbie had also appeared after seeing the amazing throwback photo that Ada provided!

Scene one of Heartbreak High with Ada
A video of Ada’s very first moment in the original Heartbreak High series as Katerina Ioannou thrilled fans even more.

“Wow, this is what I found! “My very first scene on #HeartbreakHigh 🫣😱,” she said as the Instagram video’s caption. “Fun fact: Peta Toppano portrayed my mother in both #HomeandAway and Heartbreak! ❤️ I apologise for my poor performance; this was actually my very first acting role. #green”

One user said, “I used to love the OG Heartbreak High!” “You had the acting ability back then and not a damn thing has changed.”

Another person exclaimed, “I adore this show.” “Any chance of a cameo on the new Heartbreak High?”

“When I was sixteen, I participated in Heartbreak High. Ada told New Idea, “Heartbreak is currently available on Netflix, but I just can’t watch it because I’m too afraid to see how I performed both acting and dancing.”


“I assumed that after my 12-week stint as a guest star on Heartbreak High, I would head off to college and call it a day. Acting was never truly my dream job! I continued after kind of falling into it.”

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