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Home and Away Spoilers – Eden pays Levi and Imogen a surprise visit


Eden makes an unexpected visit to Levi’s city home next week on the UK’s Home and Away, which could end his affair.

Next week, Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) will finally get to meet her sister-in-law, but not before she pays her brother Levi (Tristan Gorey) a surprise visit in his city home, and she almost spills his dirty little secret.

As a result of his current affair with Mackenzie (Emily Weir), a former patient, at Summer Bay, Levi feels compelled to justify his visits to the seaside village to his loved ones.

Initially, Levi pretended to have patients to follow up on in the Northern Districts area with his wife Imogen (Georgia Blizzard). This was what he was doing when Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) spotted Levi at the farmhouse with Mac during their most recent booty call.


When Eden found out that Levi had been in Summer Bay and had not stopped by to see her, she became rather irate. Eden was concerned that he was deliberately ignoring her throughout their attempts to rekindle their relationship after more than 15 years of estrangement.

Eden couldn’t help but believe her brother was lying to her after phoning Levi and learning that he had to return immediately to the city after visiting his patients. As he covered for the adulterous couple, Eden’s incessant questioning to Mac’s housemate Mali (Kyle Shilling) concerning Levi’s movements further heightened tension. Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) subsequently noted that Eden appeared to be searching for problems where none existed.

While Cash pointed out that, after all these years apart, Levi probably isn’t used to having Eden in his life, Eden said that she was hoping for a relationship with Levi similar to what Cash had with Flick. Eden decided to pay Levi’s house an unexpected visit after Cash reminded him that it was a two-way street and that Eden had never been to his house before.

Next week, Levi is going to be, to put it mildly, astonished when Eden shows up at his suburban house in the city.


He promptly alerts Eden, saying that Imogen is concerned that he is working too much and that she thinks he has been seeing her during his time away from home. Eden consents to fill in for him without realising that she is assisting him in covering up his infidelity.

Imogen is overjoyed to finally meet Eden, and the two strike up a conversation as though they have been friends for a long time.

Imogen remarks that since it’s a rare evening when they are both off from work, it’s a fantastic time to visit. As Imogen laughs that he’s bored of her anyhow, Levi moves in his seat and Eden apologises for disturbing their time together.

While having dinner, Imogen talks about how they first got together while in college and jokes that she’s still waiting on a few promises, like having kids and rescue dogs, because she married a busy doctor. Levi’s remorse is only increased by the conversation as he abruptly changes the topic.


When Eden gets home from her overnight stay, she is raving about her sister-in-law, and Mac can’t help but question Eden about Levi’s wife after learning that she has been visiting. After hearing Eden describe Levi and Imogen as the ideal couple, Mac is shocked to learn that having children may be in the works for the duo.

After a few days of stewing over the knowledge that Levi has asked her not to text him while he’s with Imogen, Mac gives in and plans to meet him at a city park. Mac is immediately agitated by Levi’s reminder of their agreement, but she maintains that this couldn’t wait—are he and Imogen planning to become parents?

Mac claims that she’s only interested in what Levi wants, even though Levi admits that Imogen has always desired it. Mac is quitting their relationship if his goal is to raise a family with Imogen. Mac would know that having children would make things 100 times worse because she was present when her father Rick (Mark Lee) cheated on her mother Tanya.

Before leaving Imogen for Mac, Levi promises to be fully honest with her about their affair, but Mac thinks this is too much pressure. She informs Levi that their relationship is finished because she doesn’t want him to divorce him for her.

Later, Levi calls Mac and begs her to change her mind because he wants to spend his life with her. He should not be wasting his entire life for her, Mac reminds him, and hangs up.

Is Mac going to be tempted to make up with her again?


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