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Home and Away spoiler: Eden feels let down by Levi


Eden approaches Mali in an attempt to learn more about her brother’s situation, but Mali only says that Levi was checking on his patient Mackenzie as part of his professional duties.

Rose hears the end of the conversation as Eden walks away without providing an answer. Mali acknowledges that Mackenzie is having problems, but he won’t elaborate. Mali’s attempts to conceal his friend’s infidelity are now having an effect on his own relationships.

Eden, who views her attempt to get back in touch with her brother as a failure, checks in with Cash. She accuses him of siding with Levi instead of following his advise to get some air. He abandons her to fend for herself, advising her to quit creating issues where none exist.

Eden confides with Felicity before returning to Cash and acknowledging that she may have exaggerated a little. They decide that she should contact her brother, beginning with an unexpected trip to the city, as a potential solution.


Rose’s new role as Senior Constable includes overseeing the community service workers who are involved in bush rejuvenation. This applies to Montana as well as Justin Morgan, as the latter is an influencer who will stop at nothing to keep her hands clean.

Rose tries in vain to get Montana to stop her constant whining. But Rose reverses course and approaches Cash after hearing his sage advice. Rose makes the point that Montana has an opportunity to own up to her mistakes and turn this into a meaningful experience.

Rose is pleased that her art has inspired Montana, much to her own surprise. She also tells Justin that his community service hours are finished, which is a benefit. He is allowed to leave.

In another scene, John approaches Cash and demands to know the result of his enquiry as well as the identity of the unidentified donor. Although Cash is still silent, John wants to re-freeze the money while he waits for more details.


When Roo and John approach Cash against Marilyn’s advise, he gives them no other option but to freeze the funds, and they are calling a meeting to carry out this decision. Concerned, Cash calls the unknown donor and informs them of their predicament.

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