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Home and Away Willow star Sarah Roberts reveals sexist attitudes in her “DJ” times

Sarah is proud of Willow’s nature and Home and Away’s casting choices (Picture: Channel 5)

Sarah Roberts, a home and Away actress, spoke of her pride in her success and played a powerful woman in the soap like Willow.

She mentioned her love for voices, the value of defeating prejudices, or the attitudes which she often encounters in a DJ-ing at the International Women’s Day at She spoke about

What do you mean by International Women’s Day?

Choose To Challenge is the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day. Question the society’s identity and challenge the labels that come with sex. Women are too often portrayed as quiet, gentle, kind, sweet, honey, mother, wife. But the stereotypes culture has given us, and we can turn them into our wings and fly if we fight them!

Did you know that there are 33,000 children EVERYDAY and 132 MILLION girls in school who are expected to become children’s brides and their future is a baloon that drives away? What is the reason? This year and beyond, we have an opportunity to question this.

After all, for International Women’s Day this year, I do nothing directly important except that I hope that my voice is heard. I make it a tradition to call and pat on the rear of all the important women in my life! On Friday night, I am DJing also, that always gives me the strength to feel.

Who are your life’s most inspiring women?

My mother is my life’s most inspiring woman. To see her stand with this humbleness, courage, perseverance, optimism, and a sense of humour is motivation and a testimony for the woman she is. My mother always taught me to never give up, my sister was always going along lines with me, and my closest friends were always there for me, all thick and thin. my mother was always there.

Who are the actresses who made you perform as a woman?

Willow’s going to Home and Out soon (Photo: Canal 5)

When I got 12 years old (my mother started me in a youth programme) I remember learning at The National Theater and I had a feeling of Rose Byrne! I’d buy any magazine she’s been in and I still remember her inspiring research actors. The journalist asked her what advice she might have to future actors and I always recall her saying that she would continue to learn crafts, because you never know when your next chance could be. This is where my acting passion and my enthusiasm for growth come from.

What was your most proud performance, personal or professional?

I’m thankful for many things in my life and I’m proud of them. I’m fortunate to work on the longest running Australian Soap and play such a character firecracker! It’s been a year and a half that I’m proud of how I navigated. I have had my fair share of tragedies, but I feel like a bigger person has come on the other end.

Have you ever had an impression of disadvantage or disregard for your gender personal or professional?

Even when I DJ, the men come up to try to correct the sound and do not notice that, if anything is wrong, I’ve been DJing for more than ten years. I think people presume also when you’ve put on make-up and chosen to wear a pretty dress and heels so that you certainly can’t be good at work too! When she speaks of working with Freder Astaire, I love the quotation from Ginger Rogers, “I have done all except back and up!”

Some of your comrades are you proud of with your soap?

Sam Frost and I’m playing on the phone with the best people. She’s such a lovely person. Well, so sweet, and funny! She is just an utter delight, knowing all my ins and outs, so that she can make me feel better with a single glance at times.

Are you proud to be part of a genre where every night of the week, millions are watching women at the frontline of the drama?

Absolutely, Lucy Addario, our woman director, did a fine job of casting a show so she could see a wonderful team of women on and off the screen.

Who else would you play if you could be another female character?

I’d love to play super heroes with a woman!

You’re proud – how can you describe them and how do you like them?

Willow inspires me so much and it has been such a blessing that in the last three and a half years I have been able to dig my teeth to play such a gunman. She’s like a bull at a gate and is loyal in defending her family and friends. She’s always happy. She has many wonderfully powerful virtues, which I love, but which are always warmly susceptible to her.

I like to insure that I infuse into Willow’s character the power I have. In friends and family, I’m both insecure and ferociously loyal. For them, I’d do something.

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