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Home and Away’s Christian and Lewis are in a desperate situation after a patient’s death

Tori learns that Lewis has a resentment.

For UK visitors, Home and Away spoilers will add.

Next week, Christian Green would anger newcomer Lewis Hayes, accusing him of being dangerous and unprofessional.

When he tries to operate on a woman, Christian (Ditch Davey) argues with Lewis.

Next week’s Channel 5 episodes will celebrate its engagement with a party organised by Justin and Leah, Christian and his fiancée Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee).

When he is called to serve, Christian must unforeseenly abandon the glad occasion. However, when Christian agrees that a single patient has to be saved, Lewis (Luke Arnold) steps in and protests firmly.

Lewis was a guest at the party and points out that Christian was intoxicated at the meeting.

Christian protestations about his right to get just one drink of champagne, but Lewis refux to reject it.

In the end, Tori is summoned to settle the conflict. She supports Lewis, including her personal links with Christian, insisting that her husband should not be working on a patient following alcohol consumption.

When Tori orders a new neurochirurge to work, Christian is vivid. When he died overnight, he felt much worse, convinced that if he had performed the operation himself he might have stopped it.

After the death of the patient, Christian and Lewis debate again, leaving Tori concerned they cannot cooperate.

Jasmine Delaney, Lewis’s mate, comes to give Tori a private tip about how he blamed Christian for the loss of Anna.

Realizing the grave situation, Tori advises Lewis not to continue to deal with problems himself, but to come to her in the future if they have questions about an employee.

Lewis agrees, but will he really take on Christians for the last time?

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