Sunday, July 3, 2022

Home and Away revealed a shocking new kidnap story for Parata , Bella, Ryder and Chloe

Who took the young people?

Home and Spoiler Away accompany Australian episodes that could be avoided by some UK readers.

Home and Away have repeated the subject of a shock kidnapper in the next few episodes, including Nikau Parata, Bella Nixon, Ryder Jackson and Chloe Anderson, with some of his actors.

Air in Australia, Nikau (Courtney Miller), Bella (Radovich), Ryder (Radovich Lukas) and Chloe (Barrett Sam) will be packed in the back of a cargo ship and then sealed into a crate without a hint as to who has taken them away or why. Airing in Australia this week (and on UK screens in around one month’s time),

As TV Week states, when the jar is opened and the captors of the youth are identified as Paul and his dodgy friends these questions will soon respond.

But when Paul calls Tane Parata (Ethan Browne), he agrees to free the youth in return for Tane and Ari. This confounding shift in circumstances makes full sense (Rob Kipa-Williams).

‘Ari is devastated,’ Rob Kipa-Williams said, “When he finds out about the children he is taken.

Gangster Paul terrorised Tane for debt over recent weeks, when the villain was being repaid by Ari and Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir).

The brothers believed that when Heath Braxton reported to Paul with warnings the matter had been under control. Paul ordered that the Paratas should sort out the debt by taking on illegal activities.

Can Ari and Tane save their party with time, because Paul is now back in the Summer Bay, causing trouble again?

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