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Home And Away: To be explored, Ari’s Backstory


Ari Parata is the only member of his family that we know nothing of, and so far that’s…

2021 is shaping up for Home and Away to be an exciting year. In February, when we go back to Summer Bay, we encounter some new faces, and they’re related to Ari Parata. We’ve had tiny bits of details on Nikau’s uncle’s backstory for a year. We know a fair bit, but not his brother, about Tane.

We suspected there was something about them that didn’t quite add up when we met the family in full in 2020. After it was discovered that Ari had been involved in a botched armed robbery that killed his other brother and Nikau’s father, Mikaere, we learned over time that they had left their old community.

Nikau is unimpressed at first with Ari returning to their lives, but gets more and more used to getting him back. Well, if he did not get along with him, his mother, Gemma, would pull him in line. So Tane would have.

Anyway, Back to the Bay has announced that more data has come to light about two new characters related to the tradie’s backstory, going back to Ari’s history. Anna Samson and Sam Barrett have been confirmed to have joined the series. There’s been an update as to who they’re going to play.


Mia Anderson and Barrett will be portraying her daughter, Chloe, and Samson will be playing single mother. A character named Katherine was claimed to be played by Sam, which has been proved to be inaccurate.

Mia and Chloe’s backstory ties in with that of Ari and Nikau from Back to the Bay’s reporting, which is likely to create tension with their new partners, Mac and Bella.

The Past of Mia With Ari

It has been revealed that before his ten year prison sentence, Mia was dating Ari. Chloe and Parata were amazingly close, and he treated her like a daughter of his own.

Mia and Ari, together, had a son who died. If we had to guess, his child’s death led a tradie to enter a dark road in his life, where he and his brothers committed crime. This prompted the series of events that led to the armed robbery that culminated in the death of Mikaere, and Gemma, Nik, and Tane’s estrangement.


Mia was pressured to sever Chloe’s relations to her stepfather during this period, whom she saw as a parental figure. We can’t help but ask ourselves whether there is any hostility.

The Relationship of Chloe With Nikau

Outside of Ari, meanwhile, Chloe would have been friendly with Nik, his nephew. It will be fascinating to see how the whole thing plays out with her return to his life. It looks like she even becomes friends with Bella and Ryder from the promo footage.

Might Chloe be a new love interest for Ryder that has been teased? Fingers crossed because we’re not going to break up with Nik and Bella. They’re just too cute together, and besides, when and if Colby dies, she’s going to need him.

In conclusion, considering her former stepdaughter relationship with his uncle, it may seem that Nik sees Chloe like a sister or even a cousin. It doesn’t mean it’s romantic just because a guy has an arm around a girl. We don’t know, and all we’ll have to do is wait and see.


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