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Sarah Roberts and James Stewarts are providing us the Major Baes Goal this summer. Watch in pictures


The actors on Home And Away have a tradition of love – you, Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor, look! – Sarah Roberts and James Stewart, that’s exactly what happened.
In 2017 Sarah joined the cast as the leather-clad leather of Willow, and James played a bad boy, Justin, as regular on the iconic Aussie soap.

Sarah sailed up on the screen from the first moment, much to the delight of the character of James (more about that), no denying the chemistry between the two.
Indeed, the connection between Sarah and James has been previously shown to be so deep that their romantic scenes felt very normal together.
She explained, “There’s real chemistry, so it’s easy – I don’t even have to act!”

Sarah says she really helped her to get her love on the off-screen.

“Sometimes it’s hard to not laugh – it’s really funny [James is], but it contributes also to our job of getting those few secrets.


The pair bind the knot in a magnificent wedding in July 2019, attended only by their immediate relatives and friends. After a whirlwind romance.
In reality they had two marriages – the official documents signing in a casual event at Sydney’s Coogee, followed by the lavish wedding ceremony in an Irish castle.
The first anniversary of that special day was observed by the couple at Coogee in earlier this month.

The sweet snap of the rose bouquet, given to her by James, was uploaded by Sarah, along with the polaroid of the Special Day, by James and his daughter, Jessica Marais and Jacques Scout.
James says the marriage was a new beginning for a pair, helping them to build their own memories for a lifetime.

James said earlier, “It feels like a cornerstone has gotten to go and do something brilliant.
“Who knows what’s going to happen in the next six, 12, 18, 24 months? But whatever it is, it’s going to be well-supported and it’s going to be so much easier.” she said.

Let’s look back on Sarah and James’ magnificent love story in celebration of the wonderful foundations and their first anniversary for wedding.


Onlyin and Jimmy Stewart had been deeply impressed by the first time Willow (Sarah Roberts) came to Home And Away!

Simply state that the first scene of Sarah and James together was in nature less-than-romantic.

Sarah recently went to Instagram to post a video of her first scene with James (which you can watch in the player above). Screaming the throwback footage, Sarah joked, “Never underestimate a good hair flick, some leathers & a punch in the guts. It may just land you a husband!”

Sarah had previously been reflecting on that fateful scene during an interview with TV WEEK in 2018, where she described how she had been helped by James’ early days on the set.


“I’m a nervous person and I shot about eight scenes that day, so it was full-on,” she said. “But Jimmy took me under his wing [that day]. I learnt a lot from him.”

Sarah also explained how their relationship went from movie life to real life.

“We became friends and things just evolved. He’s very funny, charming, kind and generous – plus he’s handsome! So all of those things attracted me to him,” said Sarah.

Just a year after Sarah joined Home And Away for the first time, James asked his lady about love. “She said yes!!” James said, catching this sweet picture of Sarah with her beautiful ring of engagement.

On and offscreen, these two only had eyes for each other.

“Oh baby!” Sarah said, catching this adorable picture of herself and James enjoying a day out at the races.


It’s a double date for Summer Bay! Sarah and James spent a day out with the co-stars Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor.

In July 2019, the happy couple officially tied the knot in Dublin, Ireland.

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