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11 Must read SPOILERS For Home and Away for next Week


Home and Away next week’s episodes will inevitably rush on to see Colby’s crime, as Angelo arrests him, while Tane’s recent mistakes will hold the Parata family at danger.

Here is a complete list of eleven great moments.

1. The Paratas lie to the police


Ari, Tane and Nikau are being questioned along with the Thugs who have hit Tane’s unpaid debt. The Paratas chose to play the fight as a simple misunderstanding, despite their lives being at risk.


The lack of answers from both sides frustrates Colby. When Paratas and Paul’s gang all keep insisting it was a struggle over a woman instead of something more stupid, the police are forced to let everyone go.

2. Taylor’s facing a major decision

Angelo seeks to improve his case against Colby in every way he can, and he asks Taylor if she will be able to bear witness against him. Clearly, this decision will depend as a couple on their future.

Finally, Taylor makes it clear that she doesn’t want to testify against Colby. Angelo asks Taylor to accompany him to the diner later, with a plan in mind.


3. Jasmine has got to ask Colby a big question.

Jasmine wants to begin her own family and to roll the ball sooner than later. She is delighted with Colby and her joint parents, which parallels Tori’s arrangement with Robbo, to conceiving a baby through IVF.

She gets ready to pitch the idea to him, as Jasmine saw Colby at the Diner.

4. Colby is arrested


Angelo comes to Diner to arrest the cop of Summer Bay before Jasmine has an opportunity to speak with Colby. Angelo takes Taylor to witness the dramatic moment and tries to explain something to her.

Colby is shocked by the fact that he’s stripped of his police uniform, taken for shots and taken to his temporary cell at the station.

Colby knows that Angelo has not had enough evidence against him very recently, and something big must have changed.

5. Speculation grows over Angelo’s witness

Colby soon discovers that Angelo wants a new witness and he wonders who may be the traitor of the mystery. Bella, his own girlfriend, who denies that he is responsible, is also accused.

Dean is surprised to hear that Nikau already knew the reality of Ross’ murder, so he’s a snitch. Dean’s suspicion leads to a showdown, as he publicly confronts Nikau and call him a rodent. Like Bella, Nikau maintains he has nothing to do with the arresting of Colby.


6. Dean considers confessing all

As Dean continues battling Colby’s trouble, he begins concerns about his own future. He trusts Willow how he plans to entrust himself with his own role in Ross’ death.

Although Willow thinks it would be a useless gesture, Dean does not want Colby to do it alone, especially as a cop will be the target of violence behind bars.

To speak to Dean, Willow brings Ziggy on board, which gives the former couple old feelings. Sadly, Dean’s ultimate disappointment is when Ziggy acknowledges that the meeting is not on their cards.

7. Tori is left disappointed over sleepy Christian

Tori is happy to sleep with Christian for the first time when they spend time together at Morgan Place. Regrettably, Christian worked the late shift in the hospital the night before, so the time was not perfect.
Together the couple goes to the bedroom, but Tori leaves Christian momentarily alone to persuade Justin to look at Grace as long as she is distracted.

By the time Tori came back, an exhausted Christian fell asleep. When Christian wakes up the next morning, he is very mortified, but Tori is still deceptive.

8. Alf and Martha talk things through

Following Martha’s decision in Merimbula to keep her home, Alf did not understand, the Stewarts had a frosty atmosphere. Alf also worries that Martha is not committed to her union despite her well-founded personal choices to keep his home.

If Alf finishes listening to her correct, she is released, but when he asks if she wants them to move permanently to Merimbula she gets more than it has negotiated. Martha is touched but reveals that Summer Bay is her mouth.

9. Returns Owen

Owen returns to the Bay, for the first time since his unhelpful voyage with Roo, and the pair goes their own way. Many people give Owen a warm welcome, but Alf is aggressive because somehow Owen misrepresents Roo.

Mortified of Owen’s return, Roo admits to Marilyn that she accidentally called him “Evan” when they were in bed together and run away midnight. That is why in their relationship they hit a speed bump.

When Owen and Roo eventually get back face to face, they have no easy solutions to their problems.

10. Nikau is left in danger

After the police tragedy ended unresolved, Tane’s enemies left the Parata family waiting for the next move.

Nikau wants to be normal again and he goes to Salt, but he’s being pulled almost down by a driver. This is a good hint, and it is only a matter of time before they take more aggressive action. Tane’s debt has not been forgotten by Paul, Leon or their gang.

11. Justin collapses

When he sees Leah in pain, he catch up with Justin for days to repress his suffering. Leah offers to go to the hospital, but Justin insists that he wait for his next dose.

In such trouble, Leah hates seeing Justin, who takes things into her own hands while calling for an ambulance.

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