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Home and Away spoiler: Mac’s affair sparks further tension


After persuading Tane and Mali to give them space, Mackenzie and Levi have a private meeting. The secret lovers are having a happy moment, but Mac becomes curious and finds out that Levi is still having a close relationship with his wife. It serves as an uncomfortable reminder of their situation. Although they both acknowledge that they entered this with open minds, Mackenzie can’t help but wish that things were simpler.

Even after Tane and Mali have been banished from the house for the day, Mali is unable to tell Rose the truth about his housemate’s affair. When he finally has to go back, he confronts Levi, but Mackenzie steps in and tells him the truth—Mali is all-knowing. Levi is not happy about this, even though Mackenzie has assured him they won’t say anything.

Afterwards, Mali approaches Levi and asks how many women he is sleeping with. Giving Mali a startling ultimatum—that he can leave her home if he doesn’t like the way she lives—Mac persuades Levi to stay.

Dana, who is hiding his identity, rants to Irene about her crush. She confesses that her experience with her ex makes her unfit to date again. Though she acknowledges that there are many wonderful guys out there, Irene is understanding. Dana can’t help but smile hopeful when her phone vibrates and she receives a text from Xander.


Later on when they are together, Rose recognises the attraction right away and doesn’t hesitate to confront Dana about her crush on Xander. Rose is thrilled, but Dana persuades her to hold off on telling anyone just now.

In other news, Harper has made the decision to go on a date with her Smoulderr match, Derek, by biting the bullet. Despite Tane’s support, she’s anxious. Derek comes across as calm and self-assured, but it quickly becomes apparent that he still has feelings for Harper, especially after he can’t remember her name. Harper declines an invitation to come back and play around and instead invites Tane over for pizza.

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