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Home And Away star unrecognisable as she joins Married At First Sight as a bride – and DOESN’T mention soap role


An actress from Home and Away made her Married at First Sight debut and looked completely different.

In an episode that aired last night, Madeleine Jevic, 30, married one of the “intruder couples,” but she omitted to disclose her past as a soap opera star.

Rather, she revealed her psychic medium status to her 33-year-old new husband Ash Galati.

Previously known as Madeleine Maxwell, she portrayed Amber Simmons on the popular Australian serial opera from 2020 to 2021.


Her appearance as she walked down the aisle was significantly different from her short red bob at the time.

She began the show as a carer for John Palmer (Shane Withington), but it quickly became clear that wasn’t all she desired.

She also desired to visit her son, Jai Simmons, with her ex-boyfriend Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor).

She became a notable figure for viewers when she arrived because she caused major issues for Dean, who was dating Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) at the time.


Unsurprisingly, many recognised her from the show, with one commenting, “#MAFSAU.” So Madeline used to be an actor from Wentworth and Home and Away? Is she here to secure her next acting role or to find true love? Whoa, she’s already done that.”

“So Mad Madeline was actually in Home and Away,” a third person said. She simply doesn’t seem sincere. It smells fishy.

The celebrity has also starred in The inBESTigators, Upper Middle Bogan, and Wentworth Prison.

When Madeleine decided to wing her marriage vows before her nuptials, she raised an eyebrow.


She introduced herself as Madeline. I annoy people. I am bothersome because I genuinely care about people and because I’m very nice.

“When I love someone profoundly, I expect love in return. I sincerely hope you will love me for who I am—that is, for all of my crazy little quirks.”

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