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Home and Away lines up new tension for Rose and Mali’s relationship


Watchers of Home and Away in the UK will soon witness a scenario in which Rose Delaney and Mali Hudson’s romance falls apart.

In the episodes that will premiere on Channel 5 in the UK on March 25 and 26, Rose, despite the support of her partner Mali and half-brother Xander, is a little anxious about her first day as the new Senior Constable, replacing Cash Newman.

Mali offers encouragement, but Rose cancels their lunch date at The Diner because she feels overburdened by her new responsibilities.

Mali could not help but feel rejected when Rose decided to stay late at work instead of their evening plans. Before she wakes up, he leaves for work and politely declines her invitation to coffee the next day, implying that he is also busy.


Even when he apologises to her in a later message, it’s obvious Rose’s elevation is already having a negative impact on their relationship.

Mackenzie Booth, in the meantime, opens up to Mali about the upheavals in her personal life. She had an affair with her married physician Levi Fowler in a recent narrative, but she doesn’t want to be the other woman. Mali, who is keen to support Mac, advises that they take a breather.

At the beach, they run into Rose. Mackenzie gives the pair space, but they are unable to reconcile. Mali believes Rose can’t be too busy if she’s out getting coffee, but Rose is too busy with her new job to give him time.

Rose and Mali split ways abruptly, but they later reconvene to wrap up their talk.


Seeing him so concerned about Mackenzie perplexes her. Mali, on the other hand, has sworn to silence and wishes he could tell Rose the whole truth about Mac’s affair with Levi. Mackenzie interrupts the conversation between the two of them to beg for a ride home.

Rose is perplexed as to why Mali accepts and he doesn’t prioritise her.

Remaining focused on addressing each issue one at a time, he rejects Mackenzie’s suggestion to spend more time with his fiancée when they get home.

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