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Home and Away’s Felicity Newman to close door on Tane Parata reunion


Next week, Felicity Newman of Home and Away will put an end to any possibility of a reunion with Tane Parata.

In recent months, the couple had lost hope in their marriage, but in a moment of weakness, they gave in to temptation and hooked up.

Felicity had some hope that Tane and she might reconcile after their passionate night, but Tane seemed to have already made up his mind, calling the night a “mistake” and then announcing his intention to relocate to New Zealand.

Felicity catches up with her brother Cash in the scenes that air on Wednesday, March 27, after he left the police department to pursue a new career as a private investigator.


Felicity tells Cash how happy she is with his new job, but he tests her patience by bringing up a meeting she had with Xander.

Felicity remembers telling her friend about her affair with Tane, which made Cash fear that his sister might be harbouring unfounded hopes for a reconciliation.

But then she flips the script and says that the one-night stand and Tane’s response to it have given her closure and confirmed that their relationship is finished.

Will Felicity be able to move on with her life and even find a new love interest now that she has more freedom?


While Felicity and Tane appear to be gone from the soap opera, Valerie Beaumont, played by Courtney Clarke, made her debut this week, giving UK viewers a preview of a new character.

The character will be a part of a plot between Justin Morgan and Leah Patterson, in which Leah emphasised the need for distance after her stay at a mental health centre, causing the engaged couple to grow apart.

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