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EXCLUSIVE PICS: Home & Away’s James Stewart and Ada Nicodemou’s real-life romance


The co-stars, Leah and Justin, were seen kissing in real life on April 25 after spending a great afternoon at a Sydney pub, just a few weeks after their fictional marriage.

They started by celebrating Anzac Day with pals at the Royal Hotel Randwick over some drinks. The company went to a neighbouring Italian restaurant for dinner as the day gave way to night. After that, James pulled Ada in for a passionate kiss while they were out for a walk.

A few days later, during a break in filming on the Home and Away set in Palm Beach, New South Wales, the two were once more seen getting close. Squeezing past Ada’s chair, which he later pulled out for her, James put his hand on her waist.

According to our insider source, Ada, 46, and James, 48, had gone on “a few dates” in the last few weeks. It follows the discreet breakup of Ada’s long-term partnership with 54-year-old affluent entrepreneur Adam Rigby.


We have confirmation from the reliable source that “Ada and Adam split at the end of 2023.” At the 2018 TV Week Logie Awards, their romance made its public debut.

In a recent interview with Stellar, James’ 39-year-old ex-wife Sarah Roberts confirmed the long-rumored divorce.

Given their obvious chemistry in their roles as Leah and Justin, sources say it’s not shocking that Ada and James are dating.

When we paired James and Ada for a picture shoot in January to commemorate Home and Away’s 2024 return, James told us, “Working with Ada is always so easy.” “It brings me joy.”


Ada also mentioned that she thought “Jimmy” was a fantastic actor.

Ada said, “It’s nice to work with someone you can bounce off of so easily, and he brings so much to every scene.”

“Since he is so enthusiastic about his work, I should be too!”

Although they have been co-stars on Home and Away for seven years, Ada and James first got together in 1998 while filming the Australian drama Breakers. James freely acknowledges that he frequently forgets that they had been friends for almost 25 years!


In our conversation, he acknowledged that doing Home and Away with Ada was a “full circle.”

Both celebrities are now parents to 11-year-old kids: James is the father of daughter Scout, and Ada is the mother of soccer-loving son Johnas. Ada has even given James a “couple of notes” on how to raise a girl, according to James.

He divulged, “She has questions for me, and I have questions for her.”
A lengthy list of former cast members of Home and Away who have fallen in love in real life includes James and Ada.

These relationships include Rebecca Breeds and Luke Mitchell, Beau Brady and the then-Bec Cartwright, Dannii Minogue and Julian McMahon, and, more recently, Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor.

It’s obvious that the water in Summer Bay contains something!

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