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Home and Away: The kids are freed by means of a good old-fashioned brawl and the saga is put behind them

The kids find their way out. Image courtesy of Channel 7 Channel 7

“Don’t worry, the kids have been abducted.”

Despite Ari’s best efforts, the good citizens of the town are becoming concerned when Bella, Nikau, Ryder, and Chloe fail to show up for their different responsibilities.

…Despite the fact that no one calls the cops until they learn about the abduction.

Ari and Tane devise a strategy to free the children from the shipping container.


Tane masks the truth from Zig, but she is sceptical, which comes back to haunt him later, while Ari chooses the truth when it comes to Mia.

Ziggy’s jaw drops open as it begins to sound eerily similar to the last time this happened — not the robbery, but a drug-related revenge fight between the Paratas.

The kids file out as Tane and Ari arrive at the shipping container.

Paul advises, “Don’t do something dumb.”


Ari’s stomach is smashed with a crowbar by one of the thugs.

Soon after, a brawl breaks out, and the kids manage to escape.

Ryder, who has unbuttoned his top and seems to be living on a shipping crate, smacks someone in their head and shouts a blunt item before Ari and Tane shouts at them and drives away.

After Chloe gets back to her mum, Ryder finally calls the police.


Nikau feels bad about abandoning his uncles, so he returns to the crime scene.

Nikau is unable to cope with his conscience. Channel 7/Channel 7

Several nearly dead bodies are strewn about, and Ari and Tane emerge from the brush.

They act rough and call the police, despite having been adamant about not calling the cops just minutes ago.

But for Chloe, who is shipped out of the Parata house by her mother, everyone returns to their respective homes and loved ones.

Mia tells Ari, “I can’t believe I believed you.” “I don’t want you somewhere near Chloe,” says the narrator. And do not call us.”

Since he lied to Tane, Zig even closes the door in his face. She tells him, “You have to go.”


The kidnapping tale ends with this.

I think I’ve spoken too quickly. Dean did not ask Bella to live in Colby’s old room, so he is in the couch and Amber and Jai are taking their place.

Mac and her brother reconnect, and she informs Dean of her pregnancy as well as her previous split.

Dean, I have no idea what I’m going to do,” she admits.

He answers, “You need to tell Ari.”

About the fact that there’s a lot of chatter about morning sickness, I’m sceptical that Mac is pregnant, considering how many other characters have been in similar situations and turned out not to be.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s double-check this pregnancy. Channel 7/Channel 7

In any case, Dean’s potential pregnancy is a heavy burden for him to carry, and he chooses to focus on himself because his son was kept hidden from him.

Dean skips Jai’s first day of school so he can lecture Mac about his beliefs.

Dean is confronted by her.

Dean was yelled at once more. Channel 7/Channel 7

Since it’s the only conversation these two have, it’s wearing me down. Willow, on the other hand, gives Amber a talk and she comes around, and life returns to normal… for the time being.

On the jetty, Martha is having an imagined chat with Kieran.

Irene is worried, so she goes through with it before she figures out what the right course of action is with someone who is completely insane.

Imaginary companions. Channel 7/Channel 7

Irene follows Martha home and instantly betrays her faith.

They decide Martha “requires clinical assistance,” so she goes to see her counsellor.

We learn that she has been admitted to the hospital for observation, which is positive news considering how sick she is.

Alf is having difficulty dealing with the events of the day, as well as the fact that he has lost the club presidency.

But he has to be much stronger because Susie urges John to give Alf his hand. Alf signs the documents reluctantly.

Maz asks John about the way he has berated her favourite Mr Stewart, but Susie is glued to his side.

Defending Alf.Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

Maz tells John and Susie, “You had to belittle him in front of everybody.” “You should be ashamed of yourself,” says the narrator.

Susie, understandably, is enraged and urges John to get rid of Maz forever after a little snooping on his phone, most likely deleting the surf club accounts.

Maz receives Susie’s divorce papers.

In the meantime, Leah and Justin have a bid on a house and are looking forwards to the answer from Susie.

They get the home, but I’m sure Susie would defraud them of their money in some way.

At the end of the day, Lewis and Jasmine picnic on the sand.

Is it likely that it’s too good to be true?Image courtesy of Channel 7 Channel 7

It attracts her when she informs him that she has removed her wedding ring, as Lewis has noted.

There’s no talk of his hospital outburst or how he and Budget McDreamy want to put the past behind them, but let’s give Jas a moment of happiness before Summer Bay treats her badly once more.

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