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Home and Away star Matt Evans reveals how he’d want Theo Poulos to leave


He is committed to the long haul.

Since arriving in Summer Bay just a few years ago, Home and Away actor Matt Evans’ character Theo Poulos has generated quite a stir.

Theo, a troublemaker by nature, has had his share of ups and downs, opening up about his tumultuous past, dealing with relationship difficulties, and even receiving a criminal record.

But eventually, everything must come to an end—hopefully not anytime soon!—and Matt is very confident of how he wants to exit the programme.


In response to Yahoo Lifestyle’s query on whether he wanted to see Theo killed off before departing, he said: “A dramatic death is great, but staying alive is always preferable since you can always return.

“When I’m old and jaded, [with] no work left to do in my life, and maybe I just want something to do, I might want to return to the Bay. No, I don’t want to die off because I love Home and Away. I intend to return while I’m still alive.”

The actor does not want his Home and Away character to be permanently lost to him.

As a result of Theo’s Romeo-like tendencies, Matt also commented on the idea of a set intimacy coordinator, noting that “essentially follows you and your on-screen companion through the scene or, like, how you would approach any intimacy therein.


“It’s just a matter of having everyone on the same page so that there is never any awkwardness because some people are more at ease with it than others. So it’s really necessary, and yes, having it is a very wonderful thing.”

Theo’s romance with Kirby, however, may need to be put on hold for the time being because of a new stalker plot that could put a wrench in their plans.

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