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Home and Away reveals Mali Hudson’s future after debut scenes


Mali obtains employment in Summer Bay.

The television show Home and Away has explained why the new character Mali Hudson will remain in Summer Bay.

Actor Kyle Shilling just made his acting debut in episodes filmed in Australia as Mali, Dean Thompson’s friend and business associate.

Mali lived a few hours up the coast from Summer Bay and was just there for a quick visit to surprise Dean, according to the initial episodes.


Mackenzie Booth hired Mali to make a decorative item for the new nursery at Dean and Ziggy Astoni’s house while he was still shaping boards for Dean’s surfboard store. The first child Dean and Ziggy will have together is due soon.

Mali had no more reason to remain in Summer Bay, but it was soon obvious that Dean had other plans.

In the episode that aired on January 23 in Australia, Dean tempted Mali to take on some of his workload.

Dean realised he needed someone to cover shifts at the board shop and oversee his surfing lessons while he anticipated the birth of his child.


Mali, who was not convinced, noted: “Basically, I don’t want to take up your time. I’ve never managed a shop or taught before.”

Dean answered: “I had neither prior knowledge nor experience when I began. Dad of Ziggy took me in. The same way he did with me, I’ll lead you through it.”

Mali was also hesitant to spend less time with his big, devoted family up the coast.

Mali ultimately decided to accept the extra tasks, but he insisted on moving cautiously and working a small number of shifts.


This implies that in the upcoming weeks and months, viewers—as well as Summer Bay residents—will see considerably more of Mali.

The cast of Home and Away welcomed Kyle last month, according to the show’s executives.

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