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Home and Away’s Ava Gilbert is finally caught out in 29 spoiler pictures


Your complete set of images showcasing what will air on UK televisions starting on May 8 Monday.

Mackenzie visits the beach on May 8
After bidding Dean and Ziggy farewell as they leave the Bay, she seeks out some fun.

May 8: Gabe is awaiting close by.
He recently made the decision to live with Mac.

Monday, May 8: Mac makes an effort to be happy around Gabe, but she is really terrified of the responsibility of taking care of Gabe as his cancer worsens.


Gabe and Mac kiss on May 8th.
Gabe is appreciative of Mac’s steadfast support.

Tuesday, May 9: After their time apart, Felicity and Tane are back in the Bay.
Their relationship has resumed after an intense heart-to-heart.

Tuesday, May 9: Tane steers clear of discussing delaying the wedding because he doesn’t want to push his luck.
Felicity appears to be considering alternative options.

Tuesday, May 9: Tane is proposed to by Felicity
She wants them to renew their engagement.


May 9, Tuesday: Tane is surprised.
He hesitates under the stress of the important situation.

May 9th, Tuesday: Felicity finds Tane’s response unexpected.
Has she gone too fast?

On May 10, Tane clarifies his reluctance.
He reminds Felicity that she was unable to handle the stress of the previous wedding.

Felicity tries to reassure Tane on May 10th.
She assures him that this time she won’t back out.


May 10th, Wednesday: Tane is convinced.
He consents to getting hitched.

Tuesday, May 9: Tane and Felicity announce their engagement!

May 10: Tane and Felicity share a kiss.
Later, they request Cash and Eden’s assistance in hastily planning the wedding.

May 10th, Wednesday: Justin is under pressure.
Even after Theo had to leave because of Ava’s shenanigans, he continues to stand up for her.

On May 10, Leah stands up for Theo as Justin keeps defending Ava.
The pair is not in agreement.

May 11th, Thursday: Ava finally seems sincere in her goals, but it might be too late.


Ava and Justin enjoy additional quality time together on May 11th.
Things are improving.

Thursday, May 11: Ava and Justin enjoy themselves in the kitchen. They now seem to be settling into a routine.

May 11th, Thursday: Leah is shocked.
Photos that Roo discovered on Ava’s “I 3 Theo” account have been mentioned to Leah.

On May 11, Leah makes a remark.
She requests a private conversation with Justin.

Thursday, May 11: Justin is shown the pictures by Leah.
One of them depicts Ava lying in Theo’s bed by herself while wearing his clothes.

a. On May 11th: Justin is in awe.
He is unsure about how to handle this.

May 11, Thursday: Theo anticipates the worst
He concerns that if Justin finds out about the images, he’ll be accused of acting inappropriately towards Ava.

Justin apologises to Theo on May 11th.
He makes it abundantly obvious that Theo is not being investigated. Justin apologises for not listening to him about Ava, but he now has fully opened eyes.

On May 11, Leah makes a significant choice.
She believes Ava and Justin require some separation.

Thursday, May 11: Leah makes a commitment to visit Roo and spend some time with her.

a. On May 11th: Justin is concerned that Ava’s antics have alienated everyone.
What does the family’s present-day future hold?

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