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Home and Away’s Matt Evans shares s*x scene secrets: ‘Important’


To create boundaries, the cast collaborates with an intimacy coordinator.

Over the past few years, Home and Away has increased the romance, action, and drama, with many couples getting hot and heavy on TV. Steamy interactions between beloved characters appear natural and unscripted, but the performers and production take scripted closeness seriously.

Producers were forced to address the subject around sexual harassment in the workplace after Alyssa Milano intensified the #MeToo movement in 2017. Intimacy coordinators are now frequently employed by productions to assist performers in setting limits and feeling secure on set.

Matt Evans’ persona On the show, Theo Poulos has been in two committed partnerships. His first relationship was with Sam Barrett’s Chloe Anderson, and his current partner is Angelina Thomson’s Kirby Aramoana.


Before filming any sex scenes, the actor tells Yahoo Lifestyle that collaborating with an intimacy coordinator is a highly “essential step” for the ensemble.

In essence, he says, “they’ll get you in the room and you talk about what you’re comfortable with, what you’re not, [and teach] the simple things [such] asking permission before you touch each other.”

The intimacy coordinator also gives actors a form to complete on which they can indicate how comfortable they are with various behaviours.

Although the actors don’t really block the personal situations until they go on set, rehearsal provides a secure environment where they can become accustomed to touching one another.


“You’re touching hands, shoulders, and other parts of each other. And after that, we’ll go over the fundamentals of where you enjoy being touched and dislike it, he says.

It’s a very wonderful thing to have and very much necessary.

Australian actress Margot Robbie recently came under fire for remarks she made to E! News regarding an on-set kiss with Brad Pitt during the filming of Babylon. She told the magazine that she made the decision to “just go for it” since she thought it might be her only opportunity to kiss him.

She then confirmed that the kiss had the director’s approval, Damien Chazelle, and she informed Entertainment Tonight that she had discussed “clear boundaries” with her co-star before acting.


The cast may occasionally wish to add or delete intimate activities, but Matt says they always make sure to discuss it with their scene partner first.

“A lot of the time, you’ll likely talk to your partner beforehand and say, “Hey, if there’s a kiss planned here, we could do that.

Or, if it’s not scripted, you might want to insert one just for impact, and you can discuss it with each other. It certainly makes it much simpler,” he claims.

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