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Home and Away star Emily Weir discusses possible new direction for Mac


Emily Weir of Home and Away has contemplated what her character Mackenzie Booth might do if she lost Salt.

Mackenzie’s restaurant now hosts illegal poker evenings in the hopes of luring high-rollers and clearing her debt, as fans who have kept up with the show’s happenings will know.

Weir teased that things will get “dangerous” in an interview with Inside Soap.

“It impacts every part of the Bay.” The build-up and consequences of all the storylines intersect. It all starts with Mackenzie’s debt, and it quickly spreads throughout the Bay. “There’s a lot coming up for a lot of folks in terms of their health and relationships,” she said.


“For most characters, their profession isn’t the first thing you identify with them,” the self-confessed Carla Bonner fangirl continued about Salt’s hazardous predicament. Salt, on the other hand, is an important element of Mackenzie’s identity and grounding — it’s who she is.

“Salt is her realm; it’s where she flourishes, and it’s where you’ll see her the most.”

Even if her pride and joy were to close down, Weir believes Mac would be able to find job in any field.

She speculated, “It would be hilarious to see her in the Bait Shop, or even at the gym.”


“Mackenzie is a woman who can adjust to any situation and prosper.” Imagine if she walked into the garage wearing high heels and overalls!”

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