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Home and Away reveals first look at Doctor Doctor star’s mysterious new role


Next week, Doctor Doctor actor Ryan Johnson will make his first appearance as newbie PK on Home and Away in the United Kingdom.

The mysterious poker player PK has been generating a stir on Australian television screens in recent weeks, and he’s set to make his UK debut.

Mackenzie Booth continues to conduct illicit gambling nights at Salt when PK arrives.

Mac breathes a sigh of relief in next week’s Channel 5 shows when shady Nathan, who has attended prior events, repays her for a loan she grudgingly granted him.


Nathan also gives Mac a hefty bonus as a thank-you for bailing him out when he needed it the most.

Nathan isn’t willing to settle the loan without adding extra conditions, which is unfortunate for Mac.

Nathan informs Mac that he would like to bring his friend PK to the upcoming poker night, which is already sold out.

When Mac begs Felicity Newman to bump another player to make way for PK, she is shocked.


Felicity points out that these gatherings are built on mutual respect, so rejecting someone at the eleventh hour is not a good idea. Mac is unyielding in his refusal to listen, demanding that someone must leave.

Later, Felicity conducts a background check on PK but finds nothing of interest.

Despite this, Felicity has a horrible feeling about PK and senses that something isn’t quite right about him.

PK quietly informs Mac after an evening of poker that he’d like her to arrange a more exclusive night — with one table, ten players, and a $5,000 buy-in.


Felicity can’t help but worry as Mac realises that this could be the solution to her debt problems.

Ryan Johnson is best known for his role as Matt Knight in the Australian drama series Doctor Doctor, which is also known in international markets as The Heart Guy.

He previously starred on Home and Away in 2010 as Paulie Rosetta.

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