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9 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Cash is concerned about the potential motives of Stevie’s stalker in next week’s episode of Home and Away.

In another scene, the community offers Tane more support in relation to Maia, but Rose refuses to assist him.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the nine major events that are approaching.

  1. Fears about cash Killer stalker of Stevie

Cash becomes aware of the stalker’s compulsive interest in Stevie’s filmography. He draws attention to the fact that the same set of digits that are crucial to the story of Stevie’s film Death Throes is also present in a picture that the stalker sent her.


Cash queries if any odd things have occurred to Stevie’s co-stars, and she replies that her castmate Crystal passed away a month earlier under questionable circumstances. Realising that the stalker might have been the reason for Crystal “falling” off a cliff, Cash becomes frightened.

  1. The stalker resurfaces

When Stevie opens a teddy bear that she thinks is a cute gift from a fan, she laughs. When Cash looks into the “present” more carefully, he finds that a hidden camera and microphone are within the bear.

Even when Cash destroys the recording equipment, the harm has already been done because the stalker posts a photo of Cash and Stevie together online.

Cash tells Stevie not to go to an upcoming movie premiere since the stalker’s behaviours are getting more intense. With this guidance, Stevie feels stuck and unable to live her life to the fullest.

  1. Theo admits a portion of the reality

With Justin demanding answers about what he and Valerie are hiding, Theo becomes terrified. He makes the decision to come clean and admit that he and Valerie are now dating. Theo tells a falsehood that Kirby was fighting with them on the beach because she is jealous.

When Theo tells Valerie that Justin and Leah are aware that they are dating, Valerie is not impressed. Theo contends that it was an essential step in maintaining the greater secret of their ongoing drug use.

  1. Theo begins to say no to temptation.

Valerie is uneasy with Theo’s intense love and begs him to retract it when he confesses his feelings for her.

Valerie makes additional pills and coerces Theo into continuing to take drugs with her. But as soon as Valerie turns away, an uneasy Theo takes the pill out of his lips and discreetly throws it away.

  1. Eden exposes one of Levi’s fabrications

In his haste to return to normal after the car accident, Remi pushes himself too much when working out. Eden searches for Levi in order to provide him with medical attention after growing worried about her best buddy.

Eden phones Levi’s wife Imogen after she is unable to reach him. When Imogen believes wrongly that Levi is living with her in Summer Bay, Eden is perplexed.

  1. Eden challenges Levi

Levi examines Remi in private after which Eden confronts him about lying to Imogen. Levi lies and says he’s been staying in a hotel because he needs some space from Imogen because he’s afraid Eden will find out he’s having an affair with Mac.

Eden inquires as to whether Levi is using Imogen’s eagerness to create a family as a justification, and he concurs. While empathetic, Eden cautions Levi not to use her as a source for his cover stories going forward. Knowing that he can no longer utilise his primary justification for staying in Summer Bay for so long, Levi punishes himself.

  1. Bree becomes angry with Justin.

Bree becomes enraged with Justin and calls him out for restoring Remi’s motorcycle following the collision, calling it a “death trap”.

When she assists aspiring wedding celebrant John in filming a mock ceremony between Dana and Xander, her day takes a turn for the worst. Bree confides in Xander about her struggles after realising what she has lost with Remi while watching Dana and Xander perform their fictitious vows.

  1. Rose declines to assist Tane

Now that Tane is not allowed to spend time with the infant at the hospital, Alf and Roo feel sorry for him.

In order for Tane to rejoin Maia, Alf asks Rose to assist in getting the AVO lifted. Rose adamantly declines, claiming that Tane’s confrontation with the Coastal News journalist—who had published a derogatory article about him—took control of the situation.

  1. Roo mulls over a major choice regarding the infant

Tane is assisted by Roo in pursuing the process of obtaining permanent residency in Australia, which would enable him to apply to be Maia’s emergency foster parent. Finding out that the process would take months and that it was highly improbable that he would ever be assigned to Maia presented them with an immediate roadblock.

Tane advises Roo to handle things herself, and she begins to think carefully about taking on the role of emergency foster carer for Maia.

Not one to take things lightly, Roo is concerned about whether she will be able to say goodbye to the kids entrusted to her care when the time comes. It also reminds her of the years ago she gave up her own daughter.

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