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Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou reveals the inspiration behind her new children’s book Mia Megastar


Star of Home and Away Ada Nicodemou drew inspiration for her debut children’s book, Mia Megastar, from aspects of her own life.

The 46-year-old gave an interview to The Daily Telegraph in which she discussed the sources of inspiration for her book.

She revealed that it is inspired by her own experiences growing up in Sydney as the daughter of Greek immigrants and wanting to be a celebrity.

“I didn’t really have people on TV that looked like me either, and I never had a book like this growing up,” Nicodemou said to the outlet.


We talk about our culture, so I hope it will potentially affect a lot of females from diverse backgrounds. Growing up, you want to see how culture relates to you, and this book should help with that,’ she continued.

The actor drew inspiration for her book characters from real-life people, including Nicodemou’s mother, brother, and son.

“It’s kind of funny; it makes fun of my Greek culture and my mother’s ridiculous rules,” the woman remarked.

For 23 years, the actress played Leah Patterson-Baker in the television series Home and Away.


Additionally, James Stewart’s character Ada is being married to her fiancĂ© Justin Morgan.

Matt Little, 31, who played Leah’s son VJ Patterson from 2014 to 2017, is making a surprise appearance, according to a recent announcement.

His last appearance on TV was in 2017 when he escaped to Cyprus with his late wife Billie’s baby, Luc.

On Monday, Home and Away released a preview of the wedding.


VJ was spotted leading a beaming Leah towards Justin down the aisle.

Viewers will not be able to witness Leah’s fourth wedding on the show until April.

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