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Former Home and Away star Jackson Heywood says there was backlash over his character Brody’s cheating


Before leaving last year, Brody Morgan, a fan fave on Home and Away, lost some of his appeal. Ziggy Astoni was devastated when he cheated on her with Simone Bedford and eventually left the Bay with her.

Actor Jackson Heywood was asked if there was a reaction to Brody’s behaviour during an interview with Australia’s Now to Love regarding his new part in the critically acclaimed TV series Bloom.

“Yes,” he responded. “People find it humorous and believe it to be true. A few of them told me they hated me, but let’s face it—nobody is going to punch you.

“I knew that was maybe going to be a thing when the storyline started but it’s just the way the character went, it’s the direction the writers chose so I just took it on the chin.”


He went on to say: “I had such a good run that I was like, ‘Ah I can cop a bit of grief for the last little stint.'”

The actor added that he is currently enjoying the freedom to pursue other projects and has no plans to return to the soap opera.

Jackson said that it can be challenging at times due to the long hours the cast puts in on the soap opera, but he still makes an effort to stay in touch with his former on-screen family.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, filming on the Australian soap opera has temporarily stopped, and it has been taken off the air in Australia. But the date of its official return on television has finally been revealed.


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