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Former Home and Away star Sarah Roberts unveils transformation: ‘Look so different’


Sarah Roberts, a former cast member of Home and Away, revealed her latest makeover on Instagram, revealing that she has changed her appearance.

The show’s lead actress, Sarah, who played Willow Harris, debuted her new haircut on social media last week.

The celebrity debuted her new appearance at Sony’s Wharf 4 Ward event and then once more while viewing West Side Story.

A follower wrote, “Love the fringe.”


“Whoa! One person commented, “It’s like a beauty pageant…lol, all looking glamorous and god damn hot haha,” making reference to the group of girls Sarah was with, which included Emily Weir, her co-star from Home and Away.

A third person said, “The fringe was made for you!”

“You look sooooo different with a fringe 😍,” remarked another person.

Another said, “OMG the fringe is so great!” “I really love it!”


“I adore Sarah’s fringe. As always, you look stunning,” a user commented. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. You have such a lovely and compassionate soul.”

With her new hairstyle, the celebrity appeared A-lister-like to others, with one person commenting, “So pretty 😍 Sarah.” You truly do resemble Sandra Bullock, and you should definitely keep the fringe on you since it looks amazing on you.”

Sarah was pleaded with by a lot of fans to go back to Home and Away. With her husband James Stewart continuing to play Justin Morgan on the show, the celebrity has a close relationship with Summer Bay.

In the past, Sarah had stated to Yahoo Lifestyle that she wouldn’t be opposed to going back if “the storyline was right”.


She declares, “I loved my time at Home and Away, and I’d love to go back.” “Everyone and I grew really close, and they started acting like a family.

“You get to hang out with all your favourite people at work every day, so being on that show feels like a holiday too.”

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