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Home and Away Spoilers – Xander’s lie lands him in hot water


Xander lies to a patient to keep her calm next week on Home and Away in the UK, but he quickly finds himself being blamed for her friend’s death.

This week, the Delaney siblings are all on hand to help after a terrible vehicle accident, but Xander (Luke Van Os) gets too close to one of the drivers.

Following the finding of their sister Jasmine, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and Xander have only recently decided to relocate to Summer Bay (Sam Frost). While Rose was able to get her transfer to Yabbie Creek approved swiftly, Xander is still looking for a paramedic post.

Because there were none available at Yabbie Creek, Jasmine sought guidance from Logan (Harley Bonner), who checked with old colleagues at the Reefton Lakes EMS station. Xander was still without joy, but Logan did put in a nice word for him.


Despite this, Xander and Jasmine chose to visit Reefton Lakes, only to be involved in a catastrophic accident along the way. While Xander proceeded to assist Millie Hudson (Zara Zoe), the driver of one of the cars, Jasmine was surprised to see Logan behind the wheel of the second car.

When we return to the action next week, Logan has no recollection of what caused the collision and is eager to assist, despite Jasmine’s warning to stay motionless.

Meanwhile, Millie becomes concerned about her friend Jo, who was a passenger in her car and had just left to seek assistance.

Xander searches but is heartbroken to discover Jo’s body a short distance from the crash site, her death caused by a catastrophic head injury.


Xander is obliged to withhold the truth about Millie’s best friend’s death from her in order to keep her quiet, instead telling her that Jo is being looked after by Rose and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

Millie is tachycardic and having trouble breathing, and Xander realises she has a tracheal deviation.

When Xander discovers that the ambulance is still 20 minutes away, he has no choice but to operate on Millie to release the trapped air.

When Jo (Katie Horky), a local paramedic, arrives on the scene, she is impressed with Xander’s work.


Millie asks Xander about her buddy as she is placed into the ambulance, but he still can’t bring himself to tell her that she is dead, instead assuring her that Jo is being cared for.

Xander, on the other hand, is unable to let it go and goes to the hospital. He’s angry that no one has told Millie the truth yet, but Rose tells him that Jo’s family has yet to be notified.

After Cash and Rose go to inform Jo’s family, Xander decides to tell Millie that Jo is no longer alive. When Logan sees Xander vomit after leaving Millie’s room, it’s evident that it’s had a big impact on him.

When Logan speaks with Millie the next day, it becomes evident that neither of them recalls the accident. According to Cash, the accident appears to be the result of driving error, but which motorist?

When Xander returns, he is taken aback when Millie turns on him—he pledged to look after Jo, and it is his responsibility that she is no longer alive!

Has Xander’s efforts to assist Millie merely made things worse for her?


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