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Home and Away spoilers: Will Jasmine Delaney find out about Cash and Rose?


On today’s Home and Away episode, Sam Frost’s character Jasmine Delaney learns some upsetting news.

Could it be related to the fact that Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright), Jasmine’s lover, got wasted and spent the night with Rose (Kirsty Marillier), Jasmine’s half-sister?

No, it’s actually about Wendy Shaw, her former mother-in-law, who has suffered a heart attack.

At the family farm, Wendy and her husband Ian now require some assistance.


Jasmine, a hospital nurse, doesn’t think twice about getting ready to head to the country.

Jasmine asks Cash to watch over her half-siblings Rose and Xander (Luke Van Os) while she is away before leaving.

Cash seemed to be thinking about something, though.

Will the policeman’s guilt over what transpired between him and Rose finally get the better of him?


After seeing him and Rose together, Cash’s sister, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), has pledged to keep their relationship a secret.

Cash intends to be open with Jasmine, his girlfriend.

Jasmine abruptly left Summer Bay, so he chooses to hold off on telling her the truth till then.

However, Felicity is determined to learn the truth about what is actually going on between Cash and Rose.


Could it be that Rose and Cash, her partner in law enforcement, are genuinely dating?

WHAT will Rose admit when Felicity confronts her?

Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor), the boyfriend of Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman), and they sit down to talk about their issue.

But as Ziggy gets to the chase and makes it obvious that she won’t stay with him if he continues his involvement with the River Boys, Dean comes to his defence!

The surf gang constantly comes to Dean’s aid when he needs them, and the River Boys are like extended family to him.

Ziggy storms off after being unable to come to an agreement!


Channel 5 will continue to air Home and Away every day at 1:15 PM.

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